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Do You Know How to Select the Switch?

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The material is important


Switch and socket is one of the essential building materials in home decoration. The safety of household electricity is always in need of attention, which is related to our life and property safety. Due to the variety of switch and socket types on the market and the improvement in function, how can consumers choose the appropriate switch and socket?


Switch socket structure can not be ignored


The bottom layer of switch and socket has bracket structure to increase its compression resistance. Generally, there are two kinds of supports on the market: steel frame and PC. Although the support made of PC material is insulated, its compression resistance is not as good as that of steel frame. So now the support structure has two layers, and there are three layers, which combine the steel frame and PC.



Steel frame and copper parts


The thickness of steel frame can ensure the firmness of electric switch and socket. The thickness of high-quality steel frame should be more than 1 mm, and the corners should be bent to make it more solid and not easy to deform. The thickness of the steel frame is low, and the edges and corners are not treated, so it is easy to bend and deform, which affects the plug-in and switch function of the socket. The copper parts inside the switch socket are particularly important and should be carefully selected.


Details reflect success or failure


It's not tight to put in the power switch. It's easy to put in the socket. This is a child lock set on the socket to enhance protection and avoid the risk of electric shock, especially if there are children at home. In the selection of sockets, it is best to choose a child lock, double protection, more secure. Sockets are generally five holes or more, two or three plugs exist at the same time. In order to use it more conveniently, the one with large spacing should be selected, which will not affect the use. The best width can reach about 15mm, two or three plugs can not interfere with each other and can be used at the same time.



Switch contact


When we press the smart home light switch, we can hear the sound, which is produced by the contact point, by two pieces of metal or metal ball. If the contact is not safe enough, it is easy to produce arc, causing switch short circuit and danger. High quality light switch types generally use silver cadmium contacts, which can play an instantaneous over-current function and have a very strong ability to suppress arc. But the inferior light switch types, use the copper sheet or the iron sheet silver plating contact, cuts corners, has the very high security hidden danger. Be sure to pay attention to this detail when selecting.


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