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Do you know the precautions for installing the distribution box?

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In the previous article, we introduced the functions and types of distribution boxes. When we choose a suitable distribution box, do you know how to install it? What are the precautions for installing the distribution box?



Taboo 1: Use wooden materials that have not been flame-retardant for lighting distribution boxes

Consequences: If the lighting distribution box is used in a humid and dusty place, it is easy to mold and leak; in addition, if the wooden box is not treated with flame retardant, it is easy to cause fire and is an unsafe hazard.


Measures: To ensure safety use, it is required that the lighting distribution box should not be made of combustible materials. Even in a dry and dust-free place, the wooden distribution box used should be flame-retardant treatment before use.



Taboo 2: The lighting distribution box is not installed firmly, and the elevation does not meet the requirements

Consequences: The installation elevation of the electrical distribution box does not meet the requirements, the installation is not firm, the box body is not vertical, when it is concealed, the surrounding edges of the panel are not close to the wall, which affects the use function and has a bad look.


Measures: The elevation should meet the design requirements. If the design is not specified, the height of the bottom edge of the lighting distribution box from the ground should be 1.5m. The height from the bottom of the lighting switchboard to the ground should be 1.8m. The power distribution box should be installed firmly, and the allowable deviation of the installation verticality should not be greater than 3mm.



Taboo 3: The lines in the lighting distribution box are crossed and messy, not tied into a bunch

Consequences: The wiring in the temporary power distribution box is messy, and the two-layer board in the box tightly presses the nozzle, which affects the wire entering the box. If it is reluctantly squeezed in, the wire insulation will be damaged for a long time, which will easily cause a short circuit. And make maintenance inconvenient and affect perception.


Measures: When metal boxes are used for cable distribution box, rust and corrosion protection should be done. The outlet hole in the box cannot be opened by electric welding. One hole is required for one pipe. The metal box hole must be protected before threading. The lines should be arranged neatly, and the positions of the pipes in the box should be reasonably arranged. Do not let the two-layer board tightly press the pipes. The wires in the distribution fuse board should be coiled straight around the box and tied into a neat bundle.


Taboo 4: The screw fuse installed in the lighting distribution box has incorrect wiring

Consequences: The screw fuse installed in the lighting distribution box is connected incorrectly. Connect the power cord to the screw terminal, which affects the replacement of the fuse, and improper operation may also easily cause electric shock.


Measures: To ensure safety, the power cord of the screw fuse installed in the outdoor distribution box should be connected to the terminal of the middle contact, and the load line should be connected to the screw terminal.



If you encounter any other problems during the installation of the generator power distribution box, please let us know. Our professional technicians will be patient to answer you.

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