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Home Decoration Matters Needing Attention

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House decoration is a systematic and tedious project. Many people have no idea how to start after they get the house. It is easy to overlook many details that affect the comfort and convenience of living. So, from the perspective of the hallway, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other spaces, we will give you a short answer to analyze the problems that need to be paid attention to in the decoration, and hope to help you decorate the house.



Precautions for Entrance Decoration

1. The entrance should be equipped with a switch on the side of the door to avoid the trouble of going home for a long distance at night. If you do not want to install too many switches, you can choose smart home light switch, such as remote-control light switch and light sensor switch.


2. A socket point can be reserved in the entrance to facilitate the installation of smart shoe cabinets and other equipment in the future. Waterproof switch socket and remote-control wall sockets are good choices.


A30 光面喷漆金色加电镀圈


Precautions for Living Room Decoration

1. Choose floor or tile for the ground:

(1) If the floor is lower and the lighting is not enough, you can choose light-colored bright floor tiles or floors to make the indoor space brighter and more transparent.


(2) The floor tiles are easier to clean than the floor, and the floor feels comfortable to make the space warmer. You can choose flexibly according to your needs and preferences during decoration.


(3) If you choose a floor, you must choose a product that is environmentally friendly and meets the standard of formaldehyde emission.


(4) If it is a floor heating room, it is best to choose solid wood composite floor.


2. Choose wallpaper or latex paint for the wall:

(1) There are many options for wall decoration. The decorative effect of wallpaper is better. Latex paint is more economical and environmentally friendly than wallpaper. At present, latex paints on the market also have different colors to choose from, which can be matched according to space characteristics and preferences.


(2) The environmental protection of latex paint is low or high, and it is best to choose additive-free latex paint. A true additive-free product means that formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds VOC have not been artificially added, and they have China Environmental Label Type I and Type II certifications. Formaldehyde, benzene and VOC are not added under the Type II label. Special attention is paid to the fact that no VOC is added.


3. Install a ceiling in the living room or not:

The living room ceiling is mainly used for decoration, and it may not be unsightly to install it without a ceiling. If you have a small budget and like a simple and clean style, you can choose to decorate with plaster line.


4. About the choice of switch socket:

(1) Before arranging the location of the power socket, the water and electricity points should be determined first, and some plugs should be reserved.


(2) Combination sockets can be installed on the TV wall in the living room. There are many kinds of sockets made from different materials, such as brushed chrome sockets, black nickel sockets, chrome plug sockets and copper sockets. So, it is necessary to choose the right socket which is suitable for your electrical appliances.


(3) Misplaced five-hole sockets can be installed on both sides of the sofa.


(4) The restaurant can reserve a five-hole socket.


(5) The air conditioner should use a 16A three-hole socket to prevent accidents.


(6) It is better to have a switch on the air conditioner socket to facilitate power off.


A30 光面白色加电镀圈


Precautions for the Selection of Switch Sockets in Bedroom Decoration

(1) The bedroom must have an auto light switch or a remote-control switch, and you have to get out of bed and turn off the lights if you don't need to be in winter.


(2) At the same time, both ends of the bed are also equipped with a misplaced socket and a five-hole socket to facilitate the simultaneous use of table lamps, computers and mobile phones.


(3) The height of the bedside socket is 750mm from the ground, above the bedside table, which is convenient to use.



There are some other considerations that are not listed here. But one thing to remember is that safety comes first. So, choosing the correct socket switch is very important.

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