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How Much Do You Know about Ground Sockets?

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Many people have seen many small metal boxes hidden on the ground in large public places. In fact, this is the protagonist of this article-floor socket outlet. Is the hidden floor socket suitable for home decoration?


What Is a Ground Socket?


The ground socket is generally used to place the outlet of the ground circuit. Floor electrical sockets can be designed in the corresponding ground location according to the electricity demand of our different locations. Ground sockets have been widely used in large public places such as airports, restaurants, shopping malls and so on. This kind of concealed floor sockets has gradually been applied to the design of whole-house home systems.



What Are the Types of Ground Sockets?


1. Implicit opening style


The surface of the hidden style floor socket is generally designed with two metal picks. When using it, you only need to gently open it left and right. It is very convenient to use and is widely used under the dining table and beside the sofa. This style of floor switch socket is more suitable for designing in crowded areas.


2. Pop up style


Most of the pop-up floor sockets are designed with eight-character picks, which can be easily opened with a light press. After normal use, you can unplug the plug and press the ground socket back to the ground. It is especially convenient for daily cleaning of the ground.


3. Spiral opening style


The spiral ground socket is the best waterproof among these.



4. Sliding-style


The sliding-style floor socket requires us to press the switch, and the outer cover on its surface will automatically slide upwards. Since the upper cover is attached to the socket, it will not trip people due to the outer cover.


In addition to these types, there are also floor sockets with usb, copper floor socket and stainless steel floor socket.



Precautions for Installation of Ground Sockets


1. Generally, the installation location of ground sockets is best to be far away from wet areas. Even the most waterproof floor socket is not 100% safe. Water seepage will inevitably occur in a humid and dark environment for a long time. In addition, floor socket boxes must be installed in place.


2. Since the ground plug is special, we'd better design an independent air switch system. This not only facilitates our flexible use needs, but also facilitates later maintenance.


Ground sockets seem ordinary, but there are several types. Each type of ground socket has different structures, characteristics, and methods of use. So how do I turn on the ground socket? First, we must figure out what type of ground socket. Since the ground socket is located on the ground, there are many cases of water and wetness. We should pay more attention to the points of attention when installing the ground socket.

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