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How to Decorate the Kitchen?

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What are the commonly used kitchen decoration design methods? We need to pay attention to the function of the kitchen, whether in the height of the console or cabinet selection and layout. For those who like to cook, decorating the kitchen is a very important thing. We should not only decorate the kitchen beautifully, but also have a certain degree of spaciousness. So, how to decorate kitchen? What kitchen decoration notes should pay attention to?



How to Decorate the Kitchen?

Presenting a golden triangle. In other words, the kitchen stove, refrigerator, and sink form a triangle, so that we don’t have to run back and forth to cook food while washing and cutting vegetables.


We must not only have enough storage space, but also use every free space to the extreme. Many people like to put oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar on the stove. The actual stove is not suitable for putting too many sundries, which will not only make the stove messy, but also the cooking fume will quickly become dirty. Besides, the rice cooker socket, cooker switch socket and smart home light switch are essential.


C50-049 2 g swith and 2g 2pin socket

There are two types of storage furniture, one of which is a closet type with drawers. In the closet style, a door is generally opened first, and behind the door is a collection space. We can put things in at the same time. In fact, some modern furniture allows us not to bend down to take things, we can directly in front of you if we need anything. So, you can buy any type of furniture to decorate your kitchen as long as it is suitable for yourself.



Precautions for Kitchen Decoration

When we decorate the kitchen, the area used must not be too large, which is a serious waste of time and space, but it must not be too small. If there is one more person, you will feel very crowded. Make sure that it can accommodate 2 people in the kitchen. Another point is that the kitchen range hood is also very important. When choosing a range hood, you must buy a product with strong functionality and high quality, so as to ensure the kitchen exhaust effect.


2x5 pin MF switched socket with neon+2 USB 拷贝

The building materials used in the kitchen must be fire-resistant and heat-resistant materials to ensure safety. A floor drain must be installed on the ground. Also, the design of the floor counter to connect to the ground should be made of waterproof material, so as to effectively avoid the cabinets from being damp for a long time and causing rot. Try to avoid choosing pine wood for cabinets, because pine is relatively soft. If it is not used for a long time, it will cause the cabinets to crack. So, when we decorate the kitchen, we must not only be beautiful but also practical.


To select the switches and sockets with the function of fire-resistant and heat-resistant materials is also essential. Waterproof double socket and weatherproof sockets and other modern sockets are good products.


In addition, the choice of electrical appliances is also particularly important. The safety is the prior factor we should take into consideration. So, keep in mind that we must pay attention to electrical power. The selection of the sockets and switches is of equal importance. If you lay emphasis on the convenience, remote control light switch, light switch timer, light sensor switch and wireless remote light switch are good choices.

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