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How to Match Colors for Interior Decoration?

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Different colors give people different visual experiences, and so does decoration. The home will look warm because of the reasonable color matching, and it will also make people breathless because of the contradictory color matching. So, how should interior decoration and decoration match colors? There are more and more models and styles of home hardware materials. How to make hardware decoration and home decoration more reasonable?


Choice of Warm and Cold Colors


Cool colors mainly include gray, black, dark blue, etc., which are biased towards the feeling of cold style.


Warm colors mainly include yellow, pink, orange, red, etc. These are colors that make people look very warm.


Among them, green, purple, and sky blue are all neutral colors.


From another perspective, cool colors have a sense of contraction, and warm colors have a sense of expansion.


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You will find that the warm-toned sofa visually looks larger than it actually is. This is an expansive visual experience. This kind of sofa will make the living room look very compact. Conversely, if we choose a cool-toned sofa, its own sense of contraction makes the living room visually more spacious.


In general, smart home wall switch and smart home light switch in the living room are consistent with the overall layout and color of the living room. White is mostly because white occupies a very important position in color matching. It is active in all kinds of color matching, changing the brightness and hue of the other party to the greatest extent, and producing beautiful colors with multiple levels and varieties.


The Color of the Room


The purpose of the room determines the main tone of your decoration. The room used as the living room should be brighter to make it more relaxing. The single switched wall socket in the bedroom is generally placed near the head of the bed. In addition to this socket, if you have a small coffee table and sofa in your bedroom, you can also reserve a hidden floor socket or floor mounted power socket when decorating the bedroom.


In the restaurant, you can choose between light and dark colors according to personal preference. The kitchen is more suitable for light and bright colors, and warm colors are not recommended. The corridor and the porch play a role of connecting the passage, and the color can be bolder. It is recommended to install smart touch light and smart home touch switch. In addition, there are many household appliances in the kitchen, and rear draw track sockets are suitable for such places.



Room Shape and Color


The color depth, color sense, and saturation can change people's visual perception of the shape of the room to a certain extent. For example, a pink wall can be visually closer to the wall. The light gray wall can extend the horizontal space and make the apartment longer. This is the charm of color. A small change can change our lives.


In addition, some small details in the room can always show our taste, such as the ceramic heat emitter holder that fits the wall and the touch light dimmer that is full of technology.


Color is the soul of a house, and a house with color can be more vibrant. With good color matching, the whole family will get a lot of points!

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