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How to Save Energy in Commercial Buildings?

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If you are a property manager or run your own business, you definitely want to increase efficiency and cut costs. Figuring out how to save energy in your business will help you reduce your electricity bills.


1. Repair and Upgrade the Lights


Upgrading commercial buildings or office lighting systems is an effective way to reduce energy consumption. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to save office energy.


First, install dynamic sensing lighting in areas that are not frequently used, such as meeting rooms, toilets, parking lots and restrooms.


LED lighting has a much longer lifespan and requires less maintenance in the long run. The lighting of meeting rooms and multi-function halls uses intelligently controlled LED lights, smart bulb holders and LED strip light holders. The lighting environment of the meeting room or multi-function hall can be adjusted according to the content of the meeting. It can be set freely for serious or lively. LED intelligent lighting can meet the light environment needs of different conference themes.



Don't forget to set up power outlet with switch, power track socket and extension cord multiple socket on the workstation. Sometimes when employees work overtime, they can turn on the energy-saving lamps at the table instead of turning on the headlights.


The staircase lights of the apartment should be combined with the display of the number of floors, and the public lighting can be controlled in the management room. For high-rise residential stair lights, if timing switches are used, the flow energy should be limited and forced to switch to a high point state in the event of an accident. In order to fit the design concept of some commercial floors, the person in charge generally chooses designer plug sockets, metal clad sockets or rose gold plug sockets.


2. Power Management of Office Equipment


Make sure to set all office computers, printers, and other equipment to the most effective energy-saving mode available. This can save you a lot of electricity bills. Set the default power management settings for your office equipment and other electrical systems and check them regularly. Because these controls may be reset or overwritten from time to time.


3. Update Your Server Room


Nowadays, migrating at least part of the data to a cloud hosting system will have obvious energy saving effects. In addition, you can also find other energy-saving solutions, such as increasing the server inlet temperature or improving airflow management.



4. Maintain and Update Electric Motors and HVAC Systems


Synchronizing motors and checking the HVAC system can ensure that they are operating at the most efficient capacity. Once these systems fail to work properly, they may waste resources and increase electricity bills.


5. Adapt to Energy-saving Thermostat Settings


The thermostat is a device that directly or indirectly controls one or more heat sources and cold sources to maintain the required temperature. The room heating system equipped with thermostats, especially smart thermostats, is an extremely prominent and most important link in the comprehensive energy-saving heating system. This thermostat is equipped with a single switched wall socket or a remote control wall socket.


To save energy, it is very important to install energy-efficient and programmable thermostats in commercial buildings.

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