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How to replace wall switches?

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Sometimes we will feel that the different light switches can not be used normally. After checking and confirming that the switch needs to be replaced, you need to replace the switch.



Here are steps to replace a switch:


1. Cut power

Cut off the circuit of the controls standard light switch.


2. Remove the switch plate cover

First of all, remove the cover plate of the switch. If the cover plate is not easy to fall off, it may be fixed by paint. You can use a blade or other tools to scrape off the paint around the cover plate.



3. Inspect the old switch

Check the model of the smart dimmable light switch, because you must use the same type of switch, and you can also consult relevant people to upgrade the switch.


4. Prepare the new switch

Some wall lamps with switches do not have terminal screws for conductor accessories, and the holes of the switches are only slightly larger than bare copper conductors. You should remove 1/2 inch insulators from both ends of the wires, and then put the bare ends into the holes to ensure that the electrical connection and grip wires cannot be pulled out.


5. Remove screws

Remove the mounting screws on the on off light switch cover plate. After removing the cover plate, you can see two screws. If necessary, you can remove the screws and pull out the switch box. If two screws are connected with wires, the switch is a simple single-pole switch. If three screws are connected with wires, it is a three-way switch. It is necessary to replace the switch of the same type as the old one. The 3 way wifi light switch allows the lamps to be turned on and off from two different positions. If you carefully observe the three terminal screws, you will find that two screws are of one color and the other screw is of a different color. Do not cut off any wires before you know which wire is connected to which terminal screw.


6. Loosen old terminal screws

Loosen one of the old terminal screws of the always on light switch, remove the wires, connect the wires to the corresponding terminal screws on the new opening, make all exposed wires safely connected to the screws, clip off the redundant insulated wires, and then compare with the chart on the new opening package given to you by the manufacturer to check whether the connection is correct.


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7. Insert wires

If you want to replace the modern wire-holding wall indicator light switch, first cut off the end of each wire, leaving 1/2 inch bare wire, then push the wire into the hole, and gently pull the wire to check whether the wire is firmly grasped. If the wire entering the electrical box is worn, this part of the circuit should be rewired.


8. Replace the switch

If you want to replace the switch in the wall electrical box, carefully push the brushed nickel light switches into the box. There is a small label extending from the mounting bracket of the switch. These labels should lie flat on the electrical box, regardless of the angle inside the electrical box. These labels can keep the switch flush with the wall.


9. Attach cover plate

Attach cover plate of modern touch light switches with screws you took out earlier, and replace circuit fuse or trip circuit breaker back on.


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