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What Are the 5 Types of Electrical Safety Equipment Installed in Your Home?

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Now with the increase of electrical appliances, the probability of problems with electrical appliances is also increasing. In order to avoid electrical problems, you need to install 5 types of electrical safety equipment in your home.




A fuse is also called a current fuse, which is mainly used for overload protection. If the fuse is correctly placed in the circuit, the fuse will fuse and cut off the current when the current rises to a certain height and heat abnormally, which protects the safe operation of the circuit.


UNS 5K4U 4gang 3pin MF socket+5button+3USB

Fuses are usually made of copper or zinc. When the circuit fails or is abnormal, the current will continue to rise, and the rising current may damage some important components in the circuit, or it may burn the circuit or even cause a fire. If the fuse is correctly installed in the circuit, the fuse will fuse and cut off the current when the current abnormally rises to a certain height and heat, thereby protecting the safe operation of the circuit. The fuse must be replaced after a failure.


The fuse must be installed after the entry line and before the electrical appliances and sockets. After installing the incoming line, install the fuse in the next step, and finally connect the switch plug socket or power switch socket.


There are more and more electrical appliances in the home, and the types of sockets gradually become more diverse. The necessary sockets in the home mainly include spur plug socket, waterproof switch socket, smart sockets and switches, hidden floor socket and so on.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter


Ground fault circuit breaker (GFCI) is a new type of circuit breaker. This type of circuit breaker can not only prevent damage to house wiring, but also protect people from electric shocks.


GFCI will continuously monitor the current on the neutral and live wires in the circuit. When everything is normal, the current on the two wires should be exactly the same. Once the live wire is directly grounded (if someone accidentally touches the live wire), the current on the live wire will suddenly increase, but the neutral wire will not. GFCI will cut off the circuit immediately after detecting this situation to prevent electric shock injuries. Since GFCI does not need to wait for the current to rise to a dangerous level to take action, its reaction speed is much faster than traditional circuit breakers. Unlike fuses, there is no need to replace the GFCI after each electrical failure.




AFCI is a special electrical safety device. It is a protection device that disconnects the power circuit before the arc fault develops into a fire or a short circuit occurs by identifying the characteristic signal of the arc fault in the circuit. AFCI must be able to withstand the arcs that may be generated by normal use, such as the use of electrical sockets and switches, electrical socket plugs, etc. In addition, AFCI does not trip by mistake in the rectifier circuit, electronic load and other circuits with irregular current waveforms. At present, AFCI cannot replace the traditional leakage, overload and short circuit protection. AFCI can measure truncated current waves instead of heat that GFCI cannot.

C90 15A switched socket with neon 拷贝


Surge Protector


Surge protector, also called lightning protector, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication lines. When a spike current or voltage is suddenly generated in the electrical circuit or communication circuit due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct and shunt in a very short time, so as to avoid the surge to other equipment in the circuit. Although the surge protector looks similar to the extension cable power strip, the difference is that the former provides more protection measures to prevent a sudden increase in current.


Tamper-proof Socket


The tamper-proof socket is different from the ordinary power outlet with switch. This type of socket prohibits current from flowing through the wall outlet unless all sockets are activated at the same time. It is best to install this socket if there are children in the family.


In summary, the above five types of electrical safety equipment can play a very important role in protecting our lives and property.

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