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What Are the 6 Lessons of Interior Decoration?

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We must pay attention to a lot of decoration details, otherwise various problems will often appear. In order to avoid many unnecessary problems, we will discuss 6 elements to be kept in mind for interior decoration.


1. Socket


The location and number of sockets must be planned in advance. Otherwise, the extension cable power strip that is pluggable everywhere in life looks very messy. Secondly, we need to determine the position. For example, there must be a fixed gap between the plug of the TV and the height of the TV cabinet. The TV cabinet and the plug against each other also damage the plug to a certain extent.


The setting of lights and power outlet with switch of separable residential (apartment) units should adapt to the changes when the light wall is arbitrarily divided. Hanging sockets including single switched wall socket and double switched wall socket can be installed on the ceiling. In addition, we should adopt decorative multifunctional trunking or combine lighting fixtures and electrical installations with furniture and walls.


The general lighting and light switch socket in each house should be wired separately. In addition to overload and short circuit protection, the branch circuit of each household should be equipped with leakage protection and protective devices with over and under voltage protection functions in the socket circuit.



2. Skirting Line


The skirting line can better make the connection between the wall and the ground stronger, reduce wall deformation, and avoid damage caused by external force collision. In addition, the skirting is easier to scrub. If the floor is splashed with dirty water, scrubbing is very convenient. In addition to its own function of protecting the wall, the skirting also occupies a considerable proportion of the beauty of the home. It is the contour of the ground, and the line of sight often falls on it naturally. Note that when installing the recessed floor power outlet and floor plug socket, we have to consider the matching degree with the color of the skirting line.

3. Cabinet Countertops


For the kitchen countertop decoration, we may not favor stainless steel or artificial stone due to aesthetics. Artificial stone may appear cracks after a long time soaking, and the aesthetics of the entire kitchen will be greatly reduced.


Because the kitchen is often in a high temperature state, when matching the color of the kitchen floor tiles, you must choose a cool color system. The main reason is that cool colors can give people a cool and comfortable psychological response. Therefore, when choosing floor tiles, it is best to choose cool-colored floor tiles.


There are many electrical appliances in the kitchen, so rail track sockets and electrical plugs and switches should be used.


4. Bathroom Floor Drain


If we do not have any special needs analysis, we must not easily change the floor drain of the bathroom. If it is changed at will, it is likely to cause serious blockage.



5. Washing Machine


For small rooms, we are used to putting the washing machine in the bathroom. But we often take a shower and wash in the bathroom, and this area is usually relatively humid. The washing machine itself is also electrical, and it is also prone to damage when stored in such a humid environment. For the toilet socket, we must use quality switch socket with splash box.


6. Balcony


The balcony is recommended to be closed for decoration. Don't design an open balcony just to enjoy the afternoon sun. In the event of strong winds and heavy rains, many balconies and furniture are easily damaged.


If you are doing interior decoration recently, please keep these 6 lessons in mind.

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