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What Are the Common Electrical Hazards?

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With the improvement of living conditions, more and more household appliances have entered the homes of ordinary people. It is known that while home appliances bring people a comfortable life, they also bring dangers. Our commonly used household appliances, if used and maintained improperly, in addition to electric shock accidents, fire accidents may also occur. What are the common electrical hazards that we should know about? It is very necessary to understand these potential dangers and prevent them from the source.


Outdated or Poor Wiring


It is said that wrong wiring is the main cause of electrical hazards. Generally, you need to find an electrician to check the wiring of your house or office, and repair the faults of the wires and universal switch socket. This is one of the necessary guarantees for the safety of your life and property. The internal structure of different switch plug sockets is not exactly the same. The main sockets used at home are power outlet with switch, smart switch socket and multi function switch socket, etc.

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Once you find that the lights in your home or office are flickering or dim, or feel warm to the touch, call an electrician immediately. Please replace the wires and buy high-quality sockets and switches made of flame-retardant materials to provide better spark protection.


Leaving an Appliance Plugged Near Water Sources


This is a very common electrical hazard. Many people do not check the habit of plugging in electrical appliances before going out. If you accidentally wet the power switch socket near the water source, do not try to unplug the power plug. Please turn off the power of the main distribution box before removing the plugged in electrical appliances and cleaning the wall switches and sockets. Similarly, installing a high-quality ground fault circuit breaker will help automatically cut off the power when a person or pet receives an electric shock.


Wrong Power of Bulb and Overload Power Board


Installing high-power light bulbs in unsupported sockets may cause unexpected fire hazards, as high power consumption heats up the wiring as well as the sockets and circuit boards. Therefore, please make sure that all your bulbs have supported energy characteristics, as do the multi plug extension lead and multi socket extension lead. Therefore, we must avoid inserting too many adapters connected to the power supply board in the workplace and home.



Un-Shuttered Electrical Sockets


Young children may put their fingers or objects in unprotected electrical outlets and be injured. Wall-mounted power sockets with high-strength shutters can avoid such dangers.


Using Unsafe Electrical Appliances


Sometimes people continue to use equipment that has an electrical failure. The use of these devices is very dangerous.


The safety hazards mostly come from the quality of the product itself and the problems of installation and use. Therefore, in addition to purchasing electrical switches, sockets and components from regular manufacturers, we must take precautions against potential product hazards. After the problem occurs, we need to get the problem solved from the professional.


Now with the increase of electrical appliances, the probability of problems with electrical appliances is also increasing. When an electrical appliance fails, we must carefully observe the process of electrical failure and the phenomenon of electrical failure.

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