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What Are the Electrical Safety Tips for Christmas Holidays?

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Christmas is coming soon. Many people are immersed in the atmosphere of preparing for Christmas and ignore some safety standards.


With the widespread application of electrical devices, electrical safety has attracted increasing attention. If the electrical equipment is not properly designed and installed, used unreasonably, or repaired in time, it will not only cause waste of electric energy, but also electrical accidents and even endanger personal safety.


Electrical safety mainly includes personal safety and equipment safety. Personal safety refers to the safety of personnel during work and operation and use of electrical equipment. Equipment safety refers to the safety of electrical equipment and other related equipment and buildings. Electrical accidents are often not caused by a single cause. In order to do a good job in electrical safety, various measures including technology, organization and management must be taken.


A40 玻璃灰色加电镀圈

The main factors affecting electrical safety during Christmas are the Christmas lights and the need for sockets. Throughout the holiday period, you should focus on the electrical safety of the following items that will help ensure the safety of your house. Areas to focus on include:


Christmas Decoration


Holiday decorations are beautiful, but if not handled properly, they may pose a major safety hazard.


Decoration products mainly include lanterns, ribbons, snowflakes and so on. The bare Christmas tree is not good-looking, so it is necessary to decorate the Christmas tree with colored lights, ribbons, small balls, etc. At the same time, you can also arrange colored ribbon lights in the room, make some snowflake-shaped ornaments hanging in the air, or stick snowflakes on the glass will be very beautiful. You can also arrange some toys on the ground. Santas doll is undoubtedly the most suitable, and it can also make the Christmas feel stronger. Sometimes placing a few retro hand lamp holders and mini candelabra lamp holders in the room can also be used to create an atmosphere.


When arranging these colored lights in the room, we will use sockets. Personally, I suggest you choose these types, such as outdoor trailing socket, portable extension socket, outdoor remote control light socket and power outlet with switch.


The plug and socket should be wired correctly according to regulations, and the protective grounding electrode of the socket must be separately and reliably connected to the protective wire under any circumstances. It is strictly forbidden to connect the protective earth electrode with the working neutral wire in the plug (seat).


A21 铝拉丝加电镀圈

Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas, we can put a Christmas tree as a decoration. After the Christmas tree is used, keep it properly and it will still be usable until the next Christmas.


If you are using real trees, please water them, as dry trees can be very flammable. If it is just a fake tree, please make sure it is not flammable and keep it away from heaters, fireplaces and candles. Before putting the led strip light on the tree, please make sure that they are not broken or worn. Place a fire extinguisher next to the tree.



Outdoor Light


If you set up Christmas lights on the roof or outside the trees, please make sure that the cord of your socket is long enough and that the multi power extension socket will not be overloaded and cause a ground fault. In addition, please make sure that your multi socket extension lead is not in danger of tripping.


If you want to learn more about how to ensure that the Christmas holiday is protected from electric fire, please continue to pay attention to the latest developments in the article.

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