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What Are the Four Major Items of Fire Prevention in Interior Decoration?

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Nowadays, decoration safety issues occur every year, and fire safety also occurs frequently. Therefore, many owners have begun to pay attention to them during decoration. So how can we do a good job of fire prevention during decoration? Fires are prone to occur during circuit decoration, and the stacked decoration materials are also easy to cause fires. In this article, we will understand the four things to pay attention to in interior decoration fire prevention.


There are four matters of fire prevention in interior decoration.


1. Raise Fire Protection Awareness


Many people do not have the awareness of fire prevention. They just blindly demand environmental protection and ignore fire prevention during decoration. This is a serious problem.



2. Pay attention to the Fire Safety of Electrical Wiring


In the process of home improvement, this problem is the most likely wire problem. In the case of laying electrical wiring, we should try our best to choose regular electrician construction, and the material procurement also has the insulation effect of buying copper wire or flame-retardant insulated copper wire. However, when laying the electrical control lines of the suspended ceiling, pay attention to inserting insulated metal pipes or flame-retardant pipes. The most important thing is that there should be no joints for the pressure in the pipe. If the processing capacity of the wire connector is not good, it will develop and cause a short circuit in the system, and a serious deflagration phenomenon will occur. Therefore, do not arbitrarily connect the multi plug extension lead and multi socket extension lead.


3. Try to Choose Flame-retardant Decoration Materials


Be cautious when buying decoration materials. Don't choose some common materials for decoration in order to save money. This will bury a fire hazard in future life.


When selecting materials for decoration, try to choose refractory materials or conduct flame-retardant treatment on flammable materials.


Hard decorations such as kitchen counters use artificial stone or natural stone materials. The suspended ceiling can be made of lighter steel keel that is more fireproof. If wooden keel is to be used, fire-resistant paint should be painted on the surface of the wooden keel. Power outlet behind furniture should be connected to electrical appliances that adapt to power.


For soft decoration, you can consider choosing flame retardant fabrics for sofas, curtains, and carpets at home. The wallpaper can be fireproofed by spraying to make these flammable materials less flammable.


At the same time, do not set up combustibles at home too concentrated, so as to put out a fire in case of fire. Do not plug all household appliances on the same plug-in board, either install metal clad single socket or install mobile track socket.


Different places should be equipped with different kinds of switches and sockets. There are often water and oily fumes in the kitchen and bathroom. It is best to install an eco splash box or plastic baffle on the socket panel, which can effectively prevent short circuits caused by oil and water vapor intrusion. For families with children, in order to prevent children from touching the socket holes with their fingers or using metal objects, it is best for parents to choose a safe switch plug outlet with a fuse.



4. Independent Storage of Materials


In the decoration design process, improper safety management methods at the construction site can also cause fire hazards. The placement of decoration materials is a very important issue. For example, if the paint is not kept properly, and then sawdust and wires are thrown on the ground without any safety measures, it is easy to cause a fire. Therefore, during the decoration process, keep the construction site free of open flames and maintain good fire safety.


During the decoration process, be careful not to entangle the switched socket extension leads, extension cord multiple sockets and extension cable power strips randomly.

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