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What Are the Layout Items of Switch Sockets for Indoor Decoration?

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Location Selection with Switch Socket


The location of the switch plug outlet in the home interior decoration design mainly considers two aspects, one is the standby power consumption of the electrical appliances, and the other is for the convenience of use. For example, the five sockets with switches used in the home are located in the order of washing machine socket, electric water heater socket, study computer power strip socket, and two spare sockets on the kitchen countertop.


1. Almost all household appliances need to be powered by machines. Therefore, in order to avoid frequent picking, you can consider using independent lower frequency electrical sockets, such as washing machine sockets, cooker switch sockets and oven switch sockets.



2. If you think that it is troublesome for electric rice cookers, electric kettles and other appliances to fail to plug in during two tasks, you can consider using a single switched wall socket on the spare socket on the kitchen countertop.


3. One extension socket with switch can solve a large number of computer plugs.


Socket Location Is the Key


If the socket location is not handled properly, it may affect the placement of furniture in the bedroom and living room. Unreasonable installation of waterproof switch sockets and concealed ground sockets in bathrooms and kitchens may require planing tiles and floor tiles. In addition to calculating the exact location of the home interior decoration design, everyone should remember that the socket should be placed in a place where there is no error. However, if the position of the spur plug socket is incorrect, it may conflict with the subsequent furniture layout or electrical installation.


Many owners have encountered this problem: the initial position of the electric water heater socket in the bathroom directly caused the electric water heater to be unable to be installed, and the spare socket under the bathroom lens light also affected the installation of the mirror. Although the problems with both sockets were resolved later, in order not to damage the already laid tiles, the construction master was busy all afternoon, drilling holes and rewiring again, which took a lot of time.


us 3 pin MF socket

To Keep the Switch and Socket Intact


Be sure to contact the oiler and bricklayer in advance! After the line was reconstructed, the electric union marked the location of the abandoned black box. But we must pay special attention to useful black boxes. Sometimes, some useful black boxes will be blocked by confused oil workers and tile unions. After some owners put tiles in the kitchen, the cassette reserved for the range hood disappeared from the wall.


In addition, it is best to use a switch socket with splash box in the children's room to prevent children from getting electrocuted. Install protective boxes near sinks, wash basins and wet areas in toilets.


Sockets in toilets generally require splash-proof boxes. It must be installed near the shower, near the washbasin. In the bedroom, the living room generally does not need to be installed.


Power plugs and sockets should be placed out of reach of children. It is necessary to explain to the elderly and children in the family the common sense of safe use of electricity at home, and to enhance the self-protection ability of the elderly and children.

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