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What Are the Types of Household Switches?

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With the increase of household appliances, the use of household electric light switch is becoming more and more common. Small switch in our life plays a very important role. With the development of the industry, the types of switches are gradually increasing. Different types of light switches have different application scopes. We should pay more attention to them when purchasing. In addition, in the purchase of household switches, we should also master some methods, so as to buy high-quality switches.


We are familiar with home switch, and it is necessary for every family. We must do a good job before purchasing the switch. So, what are the types of household switches?


Classification by use


Switches can be divided into wave switch, band switch, recording and playing switch, power switch, pre selection switch, limit switch, control switch, transfer switch, isolation switch, travel switch, wall switch, intelligent fire switch, etc.


A30 光面喷漆金色加电镀圈

Classification by structure


Switches can be divided into microswitch, boat type switch, button switch, toggle switch, button switch, key switch, as well as fashion membrane switch and point switch.


Classification by contact type


According to the contact type, the switch can be divided into three types: A-type contact, B-type contact and C-type contact. Contact type refers to the relationship between the operating condition of "contact closed after operating (pressing) the switch" and the contact state. It is necessary to select the appropriate contact type switch according to the application.


H1 8 gang switch white

According to the number of switches


Switches can be divided into single control switch, double control switch, multi control switch, dimming switch, speed regulating switch, splash proof box, doorbell switch, induction switch, touch switch, remote control switch, intelligent switch, power switch for plug-in card, Yuba special switch.


The above explanation is the type of household switch. Whether it is the installation of the home switch or the removal of the switch, it should be carried out by professionals, otherwise it should be carried out under the guidance of professionals. You must choose a good brand, so that you can determine your service life, and there will be better after-sales service, so as to better ensure the rights and interests of users. In order to make the household switch look cleaner, you can install a dust cover on the household switch.


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