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What Causes the Power Outage?

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Knowing how long the power outage lasts and what causes it will help you take some preventive measures in advance.


If there is one meter per household, the main switch is tripped, indicating that your household electrical equipment is overloaded or leaking. This is also one of the more common reasons. The kitchen's power supply and electrical sockets and switches often trip, which means that the kitchen circuit has leakage, short circuit, or overload. You have to check in detail that each electrical appliance has no leakage or overload.


A power outage can be caused by several different factors. Here are some of the most common situations. In this regard, we must take necessary corresponding measures to avoid causing damage to ourselves and property.


Faulty Circuit Breakers


Circuit breakers are the main electrical equipment that connects and disconnects circuits. Because it is operated very frequently, some faults often occur. These faults include failure to close or open the circuit breaker, abnormal automatic opening or closing of the circuit breaker, lack of oil or oil carbonization of the circuit breaker, abnormal operation of the circuit breaker, and even the circuit breaker fire or major explosion accidents and so on. If the house is often cut off or the circuit breaker keeps cutting off the power to the entire house, you should ask an electrician to inspect your house.


Overloaded Power Boards


The first sign of power board overload is that the circuit breaker frequently trips. In apartments and homes, many electrical devices are plugged into power boards and multi function switch sockets. In our daily life, we must unplug unused equipment in time, and do not stack power boards together.


For high-power electrical appliances, we can use special single switch sockets, such as cooker switch socket, luxury light switches and sockets and PC controlled power outlet.


Electric Storm


When lightning strikes electrical equipment, it will cause power failure. Lightning may also hit trees, and the branches may fall on the power cord and outdoor distribution box, which will also cut off the power.


Floods and Forest Fires


In addition to thunder and severe weather, floods and bushfires may also cause power outages. This damages the electrical infrastructure and makes it difficult for maintenance personnel to enter the affected area.


In the event of a flood, floor mounted electrical sockets in low-lying areas will be severely affected.


Duration of Power Outage


Most power outages tend to end quickly, but more serious outages can last for days or even weeks. Prolonged power outages are mostly caused by extreme weather conditions, such as freezing rain, sleet and strong winds.


What to Do During Power-up?


In the event of a power failure, the first thing you should check is to confirm whether the power failure is limited to your home. If there is no problem with the neighbors power supply, check the circuit breaker panel or main switch fuse box to see if there is a problem. If there is no problem with the circuit breaker or fuse, you need to notify your reliable electrician company.


During prolonged power outages, you should reduce the temperature of all tools, electrical plugs and switches, electrical and electronic equipment, and thermostats to a minimum to prevent surge damage. Only one indicator is left so you know when to restore power.

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