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What Household Electrical Problems and Solutions Do You Know?

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From a broad perspective, electrical systems mainly include building power supply and distribution, building electrical lighting, building lightning protection and grounding, building weak current and building electrical equipment, etc.


From a narrow perspective, electrical systems include wiring, computer networks and electrical appliances. In any home, electrical safety should be the top priority. The following mainly introduces several common household electrical problems.




Surge, as its name implies, is an instantaneous overvoltage that exceeds the normal operating voltage, which is called transient pulse voltage, transient overvoltage, etc. It is a short-term current and voltage fluctuation that appears in a circuit, and a violent pulse that usually lasts about one millionth of a second in the circuit. According to relevant statistics, 63% of electrical products that have problems during the warranty period are caused by power surges.


Once this happens, power surges usually damage any electronic devices currently connected. 


First check the equipment connected to the home grid or wiring, and then try to disconnect the power strip or equipment from the single switch socket or double switch socket. When there is no more surge, the problem is solved. You must call an electrician before doing so.


UNS 6K5U 5gang 3pin MF socket+6button+3USB


Bulb Burst


The pressure inside the bulb without air is very low, and the pressure outside the bulb is one atmosphere. When the bulb is used for a long time, the root spiral of the bulb may loosen, allowing air to enter quickly, so that it may burst suddenly.


If you press the buttons of multiple wall socket switches at the same time when you turn on the light, it will cause an instantaneous impact of excessive current, and the filament in the bulb will melt and burn to burst.


All in all, the reasons why bulbs often burn out may be high voltage, poor wiring on the circuit and main power supply, more wattage on the dimmer switch, and improper air circulation.


You can check whether the lamp holder bracket and concealed bulb holder is loose or whether the bulb is too tight. If everything is normal and you cannot solve this problem, we suggest you consult a professional electrician.


Backstabbed Outlet


The backstabbed outlet is a shortcut to fix the wire in the socket or switch. It was more common in the 1970s and 1980s, but now electricians spare no effort to avoid using it. Because backstab lines are usually loose, this is a potential electrical hazard. Loose backstabbed wires can cause electrical fires, power interruptions and damage to the socket. In fact, many people tend to choose mobile track sockets, remote control electric sockets and floor outlets with USB.



High Electricity Bill


If you have not recently purchased high-power electrical appliances and your electricity consumption and electricity bills have increased significantly, you should carefully check the reasons for the increase in bills, such as damaged wires and circuits, electrical system leakage, and outdated electrical equipment that consumes electricity.


In view of the above situations, an electrician can help you evaluate the energy efficiency of your house and suggest upgrading or replacement to help you save electricity bills.


Trip Circuit Breaker


High power consumption equipment is used before plugging in the toaster or microwave oven, which will most likely cause the circuit breaker to trip. The possible reasons for the circuit breaker to trip mainly include circuit overload, short circuit, ground fault and arc fault.


Try to use lower settings in the device, or limit the usage of an electrical device to a single circuit, such as a cooker switch socket and an oven switch socket.


In addition to the above reasons, there are also the following reasons for household electrical problems, such as no RCCB, sags and dips in power, flickering light, unnormal light switch and electric shock.

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