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What Should We Pay Attention to When Decorating An Old House?

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The house which lived for a long time is not only old, but also has some unreasonable patterns. So, we have to renovate the house. The renovation of an old house is a bit more difficult than the renovation of a new house, and the matters needed attention are also different. So, what matters should be paid attention to in the renovation and decoration of old houses?




The renovation of old houses must be tested for waterproofing. If the house is old, waterproof measures must be taken again, otherwise it will easily leak in the future. In addition, the waterproofing of switches and sockets is of equal importance. If we do not pay attention to the waterproof measures of sockets and switches, the consequences will be unimaginable. So, waterproof sockets and switches, such as waterproof double socket, waterproof switch socket, waterproof light switch and waterproof floor socket are essential.




Transformation of the Circuit

Remember to check after the renovation, the circuit is firmly connected, and there should be no penetration. When the circuit is remodeled, if the house used to be aluminum, it must be removed. Besides, to avoid the wires being in a mess, preparing enough sockets, such as steel sockets, decorative sockets copper double socket, three-way lamp socket and white screwless sockets is necessary. According to national standards, 2.5 square millimeter copper wire must be used for decoration. And when burying the wire in the wall, PVC insulated pipe must be used.



Painting the Wall

The walls need to be repainted. It must be noted that the main wall is best to be the original wall, so that it is both flat and good for moisture resistance. The color of the wall paint can be selected according to your own preferences. When it comes to installing switches on the walls, if you want to keep the walls simple and generous, you can install wireless wall switch and remote wall switch. 




Replace Doors and Windows

Generally, doors and windows must be replaced after a certain period of use. Because once the doors and windows are deformed, the safety of the items in the house will not be guaranteed. If the doors and windows are deformed, they must be replaced in time.



Add Basic Switch

Nowadays, Chinese families need more and more electrical appliances in the life process, so when the furniture is refurbished, the number of switches and sockets must be appropriately increased. It is best to plan ahead and fix the positions of switches and sockets before the renovation.



These are brief introductions to the renovation of old houses. The most important thing when renovating our old house is that we must ensure both beauty and safety. Last but not least, we should ensure the practicality and comfort of the house.

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