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What are the 4 types of household switches?

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Wall switch is one of the most important equipment in the home. Different types of best light switches may be the same in appearance, but their internal and functions are different. Most common switches have different styles, such as toggle, rocker, slider and button. The opening style does not affect the function and wiring of switches. We usually use digital light switches for lighting, but they can also be used to turn on or off other kinds of electrical equipment. For example, sometimes we install a switch to control the current running to the socket to turn on or off the floor lamp.


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Single-Pole Switch


Single-pole switch is the most basic working mode of switch. It can control light, socket and other equipment from a single position. Single-pole voice activated light switch has a switch mark when switching, which cannot be found on three-way or four-way switch. However, some rocker-style switches have no switch mark. Single-pole switch has two brass screws, which can be connected to power supply wires, one brass screw is used for power input and the other is used for output. Most single-pole motion activated light switches also include a grounding terminal for connecting the circuit ground. Generally speaking, neutral wires are not connected to the switch. If there are two neutral molecules in a box, these wires are usually connected together, so that the wires can pass through the box without touching the switch. Maybe you will see a white wire connected to the switch, then this wire is acting as a hot wire. In this case, black tape should be wrapped around the wire near the single light switch interface to show that this wire is a hot wire rather than a neutral wire.



Three-Way Switch


Three-way switch is always used in pairs, which can control lamps or sockets from two different positions. Because this 3 switch light switch has no switch mark, its position will change with the use of the switch. Three-way switch has three terminal screws. When replacing the old three-way switch, the wire connected to COM terminal should be marked before dismantling the old switch, because the other two terminals are interchangeable. If there is a white wire connected to the middle end of travel, it should also be marked with black tape as a hot wire. Three-way wireless remote control light switches are usually installed at both ends of stairs, garages or basements, or corridors with two entrances.


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Double-Pole Switch


Double pole pilot light switch is widely used in industry, but it will also be used in household wiring system. Double pole switch also has switch mark and controls equipment from one position. The upgrade switch has four brass terminals and another grounding terminal, which allows people to connect it to two pairs of hot wires of 240 volt circuit. Double pole retro light switches are usually rated at 30 amps, but the standard switch is 15 or 20 amps, so this switch can control electrical appliances and motors with high power supply demand.



Four-Way Switch


The four-way switch is generally used between two three-way switches, so that it can control sockets or lamps in different positions. The four-way switch looks like a double pole flat light switch, but there is no switch mark. It has four terminals and a ground terminal. Although the four-way switch is not commonly used, it is suitable for long corridors or very large rooms.

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