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What are the lamp holder types?

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When designing lighting equipment, choosing the right lamp holder is a key step in the process. The choice of bulb will depend on many variables, such as size, lumens, energy efficiency, bulb life, etc. Once the bulb is selected, you can begin to review the lamp holder parameters. Since the design of the bulb may vary, it is important to know which type of lamp holder is suitable to use to ensure that you choose the correct bulb for your lighting system. In the following guide, we introduce some common lamp holder types, hope it will be helpful to your choice.



Halogen lamp holder

The halogen lamp holder is designed for halogen lamps. Halogen bulbs are technically a variant of incandescent bulbs because they rely on the heating of tungsten filaments to emit light. However, they differ from standard incandescent bulbs in the glass envelope and the gas contained in the envelope. These design differences will result in higher brightness, longer service life and higher operating temperature. For these reasons, they are commonly used in various commercial and residential applications. They are also integrated into special products such as projectors and food heaters.




Metal halide lamp holder

Metal halide lamps are a form of high intensity discharge (HID) lamps with an efficiency rating three to five times that of incandescent lamps. They rely on electric current to pass through a special gas mixture (usually composed of mercury, xenon/argon and metal halides) to emit light. The intensity of the light generated requires the use of durable materials to construct the lamp and lamp holder. Typical use cases of metal halide lamps (ie, lighting of outdoor environments such as streets, parking lots, and sports fields) further exacerbate this requirement.



Medium lamp holder

The medium-sized lamp holder can accommodate a variety of screw-type bulbs. There are several sizes of screw bulbs. Medium screw bulbs are E26 (MES in North America) and E27 (ES in Europe). Edison's E standard (the inventor of the screw bulb) and the following numbers indicate the width of the bulb (in millimeters). Since the difference between the basic dimensions of these bulbs is 1 mm, these bulbs can be used interchangeably within a single lamp holder.


These lamps and lamp holders are used in general commercial and residential lighting applications, such as can lights, ceiling lights, floodlights, spotlights and makeup lights.



Mogul lamp holder

The Mughal base lamp holder is used for the Mogul base lamp (E39), and the size of the screw base lamp is much larger than the medium base lamp (E26 / E27). Since they are commonly used in street lighting and other high-power lighting systems, they are made of strong cast porcelain to accommodate higher operating temperatures.




Compact fluorescent lamp holder

A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) is a special type of fluorescent lamp, similar in size and basis to a medium-sized bulb. Because their function is similar to standard fluorescent lamps, they are generally more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Some examples of typical applications include hospitality and residential environments.


Like all fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps require a ballast to work. The integrated CFL relies on an internal integrated ballast, while the non-integrated CFL uses a ballast integrated into the lamp holder. The former is cheaper and simpler, while the latter is more durable and easier to replace.



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