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What is the difference between touch switch and traditional switch?

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Touch switch generally refers to a wall switch designed by using the principle of touch induction chip. It is a replacement product of traditional mechanical keystroke wall switch and belongs to an intelligent wireless dimmer switch. Intelligent touch switch is based on the principle that the human body is charged with the same frequency as the municipal electricity. When the human body contacts or touches the switch, the MOS level will be formed, thus breaking the circuit. Touch switch is not sensitive when used is a common fault, generally this kind of problem is contact bad, circuit board burn out or smart life light switch stuck and other reasons, then you need a repairman. Let's learn about the smart touch switch.



What is the principle of a touch switch?


Touch switch, as the name implies, is an intelligent switch through touch operation, which can realize more intelligent and convenient touch on off switch. It has unparalleled advantages and is a very popular decorative switch in smart home at present.


D90Rro (grey) 3gang 2 way

Intelligent touch switch’s working principle is: the human body live with the same frequency of electricity, when the human body contact or touch the soft touch light switch, after the input buffer level of clipping, amplification, shaping, become the standard MOS level. When the touch duration is more than 32 milliseconds and less than 332 milliseconds, the control logic part of the control circuit is in a switching state; when the touch duration is more than 332 milliseconds, the control logic part of the control circuit is dimming, and the phase angle of the output trigger pulse varies continuously from 41 to 159, and is divided into three processes: fast, slow and pause according to the human eye's receptivity.


At the end of the touch, the brightness memory of touchpad light switch remembers the phase angle of the time. If the touch is more than 32 milliseconds and less than 332 milliseconds, the phase angle is still remembered by this part, which ensures that the original selected phase angle is maintained and the light source maintains the original brightness when the circuit is next on. The synchronization of trigger pulse and electricity is generated by the working clock of phase-locked environmental protection circuit. At the same time, the circuit of touch dimmer switch for lamp also has the function of remote control (that is, remote trigger) and gradual sleep (that is, from light to dark, finally off), and its duration is set by external circuit.




What if the smart touch switch is not sensitive?


With the development of smart home, many smart appliances begin to use touch switch operation, but touch lamp control switch sometimes appear insensitive situation, or touch also do not operate the phenomenon, so what is going on? There are many reasons why the smart touch switch fails:


1. May be caused by poor contact, you need to cut off the power supply, and then wipe the contact of the soft touch switch.


2. Circuit board burned out, you need to replace the circuit board, generally need to contact after-sales service professionals to operate.


3. Maybe the intelligent touch control switch stuck, you can disconnect the power supply, remove the switch panel to see if there is foreign body stuck, such as dust, bugs and so on.


4. Poor filtering, ripple interference could cause touch dimmer light switchs touch operation or failure, you need to replace a good capacitor.

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