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What is the principle and installation method of double control switch?

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Home decoration hydropower installation is the focus, now the installation requirements of the home circuit is getting higher and higher, is no longer a simple lighting power. The installation of home circuits has become a very important thing, and double-controlled modern light switches have become normal furniture and factory installations. Double control device switch is divided into single double control, double double control, triple double control switch.


2gang 1way switch and 2gang 2pin socket 拷贝

Double control switch is a switch with two contacts (that is, a pair). Usually two double-controlled smart home light switch is used to control a lamp or other electrical appliance, meaning that there can be two switches to control the switch of electrical appliances such as lamps and lanterns, for example, turn on the switch downstairs and turn off the switch upstairs. If you take the traditional toggle light switch, and you want to turn off the lights, you have to run downstairs to turn off, using double control switch, you can avoid this trouble. In addition, the double control 2 gang light switch is also used to control the lamps and lanterns that need to be forced ignited in the emergency lighting circuit. The two ends of the double control switch are connected with double power supply, and one end is connected with the lamp, that is, one switch controls one lamp. Double control brass light switches make life furniture very convenient.



What is a double control switch:


First of all, we should understand what double control switch is, double control switch refers to the separate control of a device in two places, for example, if it is a lighting lamp, it controls the living room lights in the living room. It is also common to control a motor in a factory, so double control copper light switch refers to two keys on two panels in different places. A total of two power sources can control the same equipment in different places (such as lighting).


Type of double control switch:


Because of the different switch buttons on the control panel, the double control illuminated light switch can be divided into single double control switch, double double control switch and triple double control switch.


C50-047 1g swith and 2 g 2 pin


Principle of double-controlled switch:


The single double switch is actually the switch of two single-pole double-throw switches connected in series and then connected to the circuit. Each single-pole double-throw switch has three terminals connected to two contacts and one point. The definition of double control wireless wall switch is similar to that of single double control switch. The only difference is that the double connection is the switch of two buttons, and the single connection is only the switch of one button.



Wiring of dual-connected dual-control switches:


First connect the middle pole of one double control switch to the fire line, then connect the middle pole of the other double control smart light switch no neutral to the lamp head (or the central tongue of the screw head), then connect the back and forth line, that is, connect the upper and lower poles with two green wires.


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