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What kind of light switch do you need for home decoration?

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When we finish the decoration of the house, we will find ourselves in a situation where we don't know which automatic light switch to choose. If you first consider lighting, some switches in the market are not suitable for your needs. We mainly consider two aspects when choosing switches: function and appearance. This article will help you choose the switch you want.



Switch Function:

1.Double Pole or Single Pole?


You may want to buy a double pole switch or a single pole switch. A single pole switch can only control one circuit, and a double pole chrome light switch can control two circuits. Therefore, a double pole switch is like a combination of two single pole switches, but it is controlled by the same switch. Double pole switch is the best in electrical appliances, but if you just want to find a simple outdoor light switch, you can choose a single pole switch in order to save costs.


A30 光面白色加电镀圈


2.1-way, 2-way or Intermediate?


If you want a switch to control a lamp, you can use a one-way switch. If you want to control a lamp with two switches, you need a 2 way light switch. If you want to control a lamp with three switches, such as one switch on the ground floor, one in the middle of the stairs and the other on the top of the stairs, then the middle one needs an intermediate switch.



3.Grid Switches


If you want to have different types of switches on the same plate, such as putting two-way rocker switch and dimming switch on the same plate, then you can choose grid led light switch, because grid switch allows you to use plate, frame and module to create the style you want, which is the best way to get a customized switch, and grid switch will work better with other sockets and switches in your home.



4.Dimmer Switches


If you want a switch to adjust your light intensity, then you need a dimmer switch. Dimmer light switch allows you to choose different lighting levels to adapt to different times and situations. The main choices are trailing edge and leading edge. If you want to dim LED bulbs, you'd better choose a trailing edge dimmer. Although it is more expensive than leading edge dimmer, a good trailing edge dimmable light switch can help prolong the service life of bulbs.


s8 space white 20A 45A SWITCH





1.Toggle or Rocker switch


Rocker switch and toddle switch work in the same way, they both have conventional on and off functions, but the toggle motion light switch will make a click sound when it is turned on or off. The main difference between the two switches lies in their appearance





There are many finishes of light switch types with different materials in the market including brushed chrome, polished chrome, satin chrome, brushed steel, satin steel, brushed brass, polished brass, antique brass, black nickel, rose gold, copper, bronze, white metal, matt black and more. and the shapes and colors of different finishes are suitable for different styles of decoration. For example, classical brass is very classic and suitable for retro style, and brushed steel sockets and switches are a great art decoration.


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