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What should we choose: intelligent switch or normal switch?

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I don't know if you find out, intelligence has been constantly appearing in our lives, not to mention intelligent payment, take intelligent buildings to say, walking to the staircase will automatically turn on the staircase lights, this is also a part of intelligence. At this point, we have to talk about the intelligent best touch switch. What is the intelligent switch? What is the difference between intelligent switch and ordinary switch?



What is a intelligent switch


Intelligent switch is a unit that uses the combination and programming of control board and electronic components to realize the control of circuit intelligent switch. However, conventional wall switch and socket control is difficult to meet the requirements of further improving control accuracy and energy saving.


detail with surround light point switch


What is the difference between a intelligent switch and a normal switch: 

1. material


Intelligent switch: the panel uses advanced aviation aluminum, toughened glass, synthetic plastics and other polycarbonate raw material, never aging, diverse styles and beautiful.


Normal switch: more plastic panel production, monotonous style, not beautiful, easy to wear and aging.



2. function


Intelligent switch: touch function, induction function, night light function, touch remote control switch lamp do not need to run around, as long as gently press the smart light switchs remote control, convenient and fast.


Normal switch: mechanical function, manual operation, laborious, inconvenient.



3. security


Intelligent switch: the panel adopts integrated design, waterproof, leakage prevention, prevention of the elderly or children wet hand operation, anti-shock, high safety level, with button electronics wireless light switch and the safety characteristics are more significant, waterproof strength is extremely high.


Normal switch: the panel is not waterproof, wet hand can not be operated, there is potential danger of electric shock.



4. service life


Intelligent switch: the double touch dimmer switch uses touch mode to open and close, no mechanical function key, not easy to damage, long service life.


Normal switch: with mechanical function, prone to mechanical failure, easy to damage, short service life.



5. noise


Intelligent switch: no sound, the silencing best touch light switch can give you a quiet and comfortable home.


Normal switch: the sound of "cut" when turned on and off.


6. wiring free function


Intelligent switch: also known as cloth-free switch and wireless switch, can directly replace the traditional double light switch, no wiring, or wireless mobile control switch panel, for you to save money and time, so that the new home project completed faster.


Normal switch: requires a large number of zero lines and fire lines, both time-consuming and high cost.




Role of intelligent switches:

1. remote control


At present, this is the main, or only function of all smart appliances, which is the switch control of the device through the app of the mobile phone, this is also the basic part of the so-called intelligence. Of course, as a light, it may not need "remote" control, generally the furthest distance, that is, lying in bed to turn off the living room, bathroom lights by using a remote light switch. If you go out on vacation, the lights at home can be turned on regularly for a period of time every night, should also play a certain anti-theft effect.



2. voice control


In addition to using voice assistants on mobile phones, this part can also be operated through smart speakers.



3. automation


Because whether it's mobile phone app, or voice control, at best, it gives the lamp a remote control, whether it's on or off or to control it through a remote control light switch, and after automating the whole house lights, the light doesn't read as much as you want. It switches, but areas like kitchens and bathrooms do more than 90% of the time without artificial interference.

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