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What should we pay attention to when choosing sockets and switches?

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Although multi plug socket with switch do not take up much space, we can see them everywhere in our lives. Therefore, sockets and switches play an important role in both the decoration of houses and the use of many electrical appliances in the home. Although people often ignore them, we still need to pay attention to when purchasing electrical sockets and switches. This article discusses how to choose sockets and switches correctly.


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Setting and appearance


If your house has a high ceiling, expensive artworks, beautiful murals on the walls and antique furniture with retro style, installing cheap white plastic industrial sockets and switches will destroy the appearance of the whole room. If your room is modern, antique electrical accessories will also be inappropriate. Therefore, before considering assembling sockets and switches, consider the style of the house. Some brushed chrome and polished chrome finishes can be combined with modern or traditional styles. If you have black furniture or electronic products in your home, it is more suitable to use black nickel smart wall switch, because this material tends to modern style rooms. Antique brass and antique bronze fittings, like brushed and polished brass, have the characteristics of the times. Many modern new neutral buildings tend to use chrome sockets and switches or white fittings because they are more neutral.



Plate type


A small plate type will have a subtle influence on the overall appearance of the room. Although the screwed plate looks cheaper, it will perfectly blend with the ultra urban and industrial style decoration, while the unthreaded finish looks more elegant. The flat plate of electrical plugs and switches looks smoother than the raised plate, but the flat plate is not suitable for all the appearance of the house, and the price of the flat plate is usually higher than that of the raised plate.



Switch type

There are many switch types on the market, but you should choose the type that suits your house appearance and electrical functions. Some common contemporary light switches and sockets include toggle switch, rocker switch, dimmer and touch switch.


The dimmer switch has excellent versatility, but it is not necessary because of its high cost. Therefore, you can choose when you really need to adjust the lighting level. The toggle grey sockets and switches are very in line with the characteristics of the times. Moreover, it can promote the style of the room to a new level and give people a sense of hierarchy. However, the price of the toggle two way light switch is often higher than that of the rocker switch, and the style may not be suitable for modern decoration design. The rocker switch is the most common switch type, which is often chosen by default and trusted by people, but its function is not as perfect as that of the dimmer switch. Touch on off socket switch gives people a sense of the future, so it may seem out of place with your room. They are often suitable for modern style rooms, but the price is relatively high and may not be the best choice.

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