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Do You Know European Sockets?

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Different countries have different electrical plugs and different sockets. As far as the world is concerned, sockets are mainly divided into European sockets, American sockets, standard sockets, non-standard sockets, and German standard sockets. As more and more people travel abroad, these sockets are gradually being known by more and more people. This article mainly introduces the purchase, use and maintenance of European sockets.


Socket sometimes are called power socket and switch socket. A socket is a socket into which one or more circuit wiring can be inserted, through which various wiring can be inserted.


The sockets used in life include industrial switch socket, universal switch socket, floor power socket and floor switch socket and so on.


Types of European sockets


Eurolite sockets, also called European standard sockets, are a type of sockets that are different from domestic sockets and are mainly used in major European countries. More and more people travel to Europe in modern times. The European standard socket is the socket that many friends have used. So, what types of European sockets are there?


1. British type. The jack is a rectangular cross-section metal rod. This socket is the same as the power switch socket used in countries such as Malaysia.


2. French type. The jack is a metal cylinder and two round holes. The cylindrical hole is for grounding, and the other two round holes are for power jacks. The three jacks are arranged in an isosceles triangle. The French type socket has only three-hole socket, there is no two-hole socket and copper double socket. If the appliance has only two holes, just insert the two round holes directly. This type of socket is suitable for France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Denmark and other European countries.


3. Swiss type. There are mainly two-hole sockets and three-hole sockets. The two-hole socket is similar to the Spanish socket. The shape of the two-hole socket is unique, with a triangular flat hexagonal shape at both ends.



Several Purchasing Skills for European Sockets


Whenever encountering various holidays, traveling abroad is the holiday choice of countless friends. When traveling to Europe, buying European sockets is essential travel equipment when returning. So, how to choose the European standard socket? The following tips are worth learning.


1. Choose well-known brands


Well-known brands have a long history of research and development and production. The products produced not only use good materials, but also have superior performance.


2. Choose one with certification mark


If you are buying European-style sockets in China, you should also choose products that have domestic and foreign quality certification centers, such as whether the packaging belt contains compulsory certification marks.


3. Consider voltage and current


According to the electrical appliances used and the electrical environment, choose a socket with matching rated current and voltage. Household appliances have special sockets, such as single switched wall socket, waterproof double socket, remote control electric sockets and so on.


4. Choose style and color


On the premise of guaranteed quality, style and color also need to be considered. Recently popular sockets are white screwless sockets, coloured plug sockets and silver double sockets. This can be determined according to the user's actual aesthetic concepts and personal preferences. You only need to pay attention to the color matching of the socket and other equipment.

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