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Established in 2009, from the earliest product injection molding processing development to now has more than 1100 employees, annual output value is more than 4 billion diversified development company. which has Chuangao, Naier alloy, and Zhuochuang molds three major systems. 7 branch factories. Products covered by switch and socket ( Smart switch, Touch switch, Reset switch, Hotel switch ), Track socket, floor socket, Extension socket, plug, Switch box, Waterproof box, Metal copper piece silver point and other electrical appliances related products. We set up overseas factory in 2019, produce LED light, cable ladder, cable tray, fire extinguisher panel  and louver fititng.


Our Company Value

Innovation, Integrity, Openness, Gratitude and win-win cooperation.


Our Company Vision

To optimize, restructure, and integrate a big data platform oriented by customer demand,  Provide one-stop service from the factory for the electrical appliance application market.


Founded in 2011, 15000 square meters of workshop ,It has 300 employees. The company's main composite rivet, silver contact, copper contact, mold riveting processing and copper products processing. Products are widely used in wall switches, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, automotive electrical appliances, power tools, electronic products and other fields. the company has 120 rivet machines,80 high-speed punches and 50 cold mound machines, rivet annual production capacity reach 4 billion, copper pieces of annual production capacity of more than 5000 tons, monthly production capacity can reach more than 9 thousand silver point, our quality management process starting with the first inspection, after the operator self-inspection, QC manager conducts process inspection every hour , finally completed the final inspection, qualified after the warehouse packing warehousing, not less than 150 pieces, each appearance inspection key size detection of not less than 30 pcs.

Always adhere to the independent research and development, science and technology, innovation to promote the development of the route, with excellent product quality accounted for 60% of the market in Wenzhou. We will start to accept OEM/ODM for overseas market in 2020.


Founded in 2013, the factory covers an area of 100,000 square meters and has a total number of 750 employees.Which is mainly engaged in wall switch socket, floor socket, row insert, lamp holder, lampholder, track socket, etc. The company has 150 injection molding machines, 35 assembly lines and fully automatic packaging equipment, among which the monthly production capacity of switch is 1500000-2000000pcs, floor socket 200,000-250000pcs, extension socket 75000Pcs-90000PCS.

The most advanced extension socket comprehensive tester introduced in the workshop is tested continuously at 2 stations to detect the conduction and polarity of the plug and each group of sockets. Drive cylinder according to the need to control the switch on and off, so as to automatically test the switch performance.


The floor socket workshop has its own casting workshop, cold stamping workshop, injection molding workshop, hardware processing workshop, automatic painting line, automatic polishing robot, independent research and development and mold manufacturing team, assembly line work workshop, and the supporting product inspection laboratory.


Switch socket workshop has automatic packaging equipment, each production line is equipped with experimental testing equipment, testing the plug and pull force, on and off and other basic performance, to ensure that each product to achieve 100% pre-factory inspection.


Founded in 2012,  60 employees and a workshop area of 1500 square meters, the company is mainly engaged in plastic moulds such as switch socket, lamp holder and extension socket, CNC  carving machine 6 sets, high speed linear cutting machine 7 sets, medium speed minear cutting machine 6 sets, Taiwan electric pulse 8 sets, mirror pulse 5 sets, injection molding machine 3 sets, bench drill 10 sets,flat grinder machine 6 sets. The production capacity is 600-800 molds per year, of which 60% are European standard, British standard and American standard molds.

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Provide one-stop service from the factory for the electrical appliance application market.
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