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Do You Really Know How to Choose Floor Sockets?

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Sockets are ubiquitous in our lives, and they are very useful. In addition to wall switches and sockets, outdoor switches and sockets and power strips, floor plug sockets are also necessary for a family to install properly.


Floor electrical sockets are sockets installed on the ground or on the floor. This kind of socket is more common in ordinary homes and public offices. Before using floor plug outlets, the following knowledge needs to be understood.


First of all, the types of floor sockets are relatively rich, and different dimensions have different divisions. From the opening method, it is mainly divided into pop-up type, spiral type, open type, and flat push type. In terms of material, it can be divided into general type and damping type. In addition, in terms of housing design, it is also divided into with cover and without cover.



Secondly, the installation process of floor sockets is similar to wall sockets. It is mainly divided into three parts, namely the installation of the bottom box (including the positioning of the bottom box, determining the installation depth, and the fixing of the bottom box), wire connection and installation of the box cover. Since the floor mount socket is installed on the ground, concealed installation is often used.


Finally, when using the hidden floor socket, you must pay attention to the correct opening method. Do not use your feet to open the lid, you must use dry hands to open it. The operation method of opening depends on the type of socket. We must always pay attention to the waterproof problem of the socket to avoid water and leakage of the socket.


Selection Skills of Floor Sockets


When purchasing floor mounted plug sockets, if you do not pay attention to the details, you may buy inferior products. It was discovered after the installation that it was not only a waste of time, but also a waste of money.



1. Choose brand carefully. There are too many brands of land inserts now, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and the quality of products cannot be studied. Before purchasing ground plugs, you should know which brands have passed the approval of the national quality inspection department.


2. Pay attention to the appearance of the product. A good product packaging can not only attract more users, but also reflect the brand's intentions for the product. The high-quality ground socket has a very shiny appearance, and it also has a light natural metallic luster. This point requires everyone to pay special attention.


3. Weighing is a necessary step. A good socket, whether it is wall plug or ground plug, the better the internal material is, the heavier the weight is. By weighing the weight, you can also see whether the quality of the copper piece is qualified.


4. Choose the right type. There are various types of floor sockets, different styles, different opening methods, and convenience. The mechanical kinetic energy of the ground plug can be avoided to be considered as a toggle. The traditional ground plug needs to be opened manually before use.

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