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Do you know all the knowledge of home assembly electric box?

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As a professional home improvement electrician, in the process of circuit transformation, the first step that is required to be corrected is the distribution box. Does this square box really need to be adjusted during decoration?



1. Displacement of distribution box

The power distribution box is usually installed near the gate, but unfortunately it is really ugly and incompatible with the decoration effect. So some people thought of shifting the distribution box to an inconspicuous position, wouldn't everything be fine? But in fact, this approach is not recommended for two main reasons:

1. The electrical distribution box is embedded in the wall, and the stability of the wall where the distribution box is located is bound to be affected.


2. The owner and the property have a strict division of responsibilities. The distance between the meter box and the cable distribution box belongs to the responsibility of the property. Now the owner moves the distribution box privately, changing the length of this distance and the state of the wires in this distance. If there is a problem in the future, many troublesome things will easily happen.



2. Modification of distribution box

It means that the original distribution box is not moved, and only the switch inside is replaced-there is only one case where this change is needed, that is, there are super-powered appliances (power greater than 6000W) at home. It is not easy to replace the switch. Changing the parameters of a branch switch means that the corresponding wires (the wires in and out of the wires must be changed) and the main switch have to be changed. The larger the rated current of the switch, the larger the corresponding width-the original distribution box wiring may not be able to fit it.


Generally speaking, the switch parameters in the original dc distribution box can meet the electricity needs of most users, and there is no need to modify it-about the problem of leakage protectors, here we must emphasize: there must be leakage in the original circuit breaker panel board. There are also open spaces. When replacing, the user must be aware of the leakage. The original leakage must also be leakage after the replacement; the original air switch must also be the air switch after replacement.



3. Replacement of distribution box

The increase in the number of electrical appliances in the home has caused the original switch to be unsatisfactory. At this time, what we have to do is to increase the number of circuits. As the number of circuits increases, it is necessary to replace the distribution box. The replacement of the distribution box also means opening on the wall. Larger holes are generally not recommended.


When selecting the switch type for the new home distribution board, please pay attention: the main switch and lighting circuit use air switch (main switch 1P, lighting circuit 1P or 1P+N), socket circuit uses leakage switch (high power 2P, ordinary socket 1P or 1P+N). Finally, remind that the new distribution box should be installed in the original distribution box, and do not move the home line.



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