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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of floor sockets?

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Sockets can be said to be an indispensable device in our lives. After all, sockets are indispensable for powering on. The sockets we commonly see are generally installed on the wall, but what we are going to understand today is about a socket installed on the ground, which is a floor plug outlets. This kind of switched floor socket has gradually become popular, and many people are also full of interest in it. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of floor sockets and the installation methods and installation precautions of floor sockets with us.



What is a floor socket?

Floor sockets refer to floor sockets for household and similar purposes. It is installed on the ground or similar places and is used to connect with fixed wiring sockets. It is usually used as the terminal and outlet of the ground wiring system to take out the power, signal and data in the ground wiring system. It is mainly used in large-open indoor places such as offices, airports, hotels, shopping malls, and homes, with a wide range of uses.




Advantages and disadvantages of floor sockets


Advantages of floor sockets

1. It has strong surface corrosion resistance requirements. Since the use environment is complex and often subject to strong friction, the surface protective layer of the product is required to have strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and oxidation resistance.


2. Easy to install. Floor mount socket and floor double socket adapt to different construction environment, floor requirements of different structure and thickness. The ground socket should be able to easily connect with the pipe groove of the ground wiring system.


Disadvantages of floor sockets

1. The variety of single floor socket is simple. Due to the development of computer and communication technology, modern intelligent buildings have more and more requirements for the types of ground terminal sockets. However, there are fewer types of sockets in the current ground sockets. Because they are generally not interchangeable, the use range of ground sockets is restricted.


2. The product application range is small. In modern buildings, the ground floor socket should have basic functions such as power supply, computer and communication. At present, the above-mentioned requirements can only be partially met on a ground socket.




Precautions for floor socket installation

1. When installing the steel bottom box, make sure that the steel bottom box and the metal line pipe are well-founded, and during the installation, pay attention to not having dust and debris falling into it to avoid affecting the later use;


2. If the ground is not dry enough, it will cause strong corrosion to the concealed floor socket. Therefore, in order to ensure that the floor socket is constructed under completely dry conditions, the final step is to apply one or two layers of anticorrosive paint. It will not be too humid to make it impossible to install the upper cover;


3. When installing a ground socket with a strong electric socket, the ground wire of the upper cover must be reliably connected with the bottom box, and the upper cover and the bottom box must be fixed.



The above is the full content of the advantages and disadvantages of floor switch socket and the precautions for installation of floor sockets.

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