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Do you know the precautions for plug purchase?

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The use of power plugs is indeed very wide. Almost all industries may need power plugs. "Where electricity is needed, there are power plugs." It can be seen that the uses of power plugs have spread to every corner of our lives. Track power socket, 5a floor socket, brushed chrome sockets are all common sockets. Do you know how to choose the right plug? What are the precautions in purchasing?



Precautions for plug purchase

1. Safety first

According to professionals, when you use the power cord plug, if you consider your own life and property, when you are shopping, you'd better not go to the roadside where there is no guarantee. We recommend you go to large shopping malls or specialty stores to buy, so that the quality of the products has a great guarantee. The products of regular large shopping malls are branded products, which is worthy of everyone's trust.


2. Check the certain certificate

Any regular product has a certain mark and a certain certificate. The same goes for black nickel sockets and chrome plug sockets. When purchasing, you have to check whether the product's certificate has a safety mark. The most important thing is to see if there is a CCC certification mark, which is a symbol of safety.


3. Check the appearance

The panel of light switches and sockets and copper plug sockets should have uniform color, smooth surface, no dents, variegated, no bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratches, shrinkage and other defects. The metal parts are free of burrs, cracks, corrosion marks, rust and screw head damage.


4. Check the weight

Weight should also be considered when buying a switch socket. If the merchant chooses a thin copper sheet, it will feel lighter. However, the copper sheets and terminal blocks used for good switch sockets are usually thicker and relatively heavy. Copper parts are a key part of switch sockets, and also a key part of identifying fake and inferior products. Consumers should also pay attention when purchasing: some unscrupulous manufacturers will add iron plates to their products to increase the weight, we must see clearly when purchasing.


C50-049 2 g swith and 2g 2pin socket

5. Combined use occasions

Different places should be equipped with different types of switches and sockets. There are often water and oil fume in the kitchen and bathroom. It is best to install a splash-proof box or plastic baffle on the socket panel, which can effectively prevent short circuits caused by oil and water vapor intrusion. In families with children, in order to prevent children from touching the socket holes with their fingers or poke the socket holes with metal objects, parents should choose a safety socket with a fuse.


In addition, when installing a three-hole socket, you must never let the ground wire be empty, let alone connect the ground wire directly to the gas pipe. These practices are quite dangerous. The ground wire is connected to the electrical enclosure. Once the electrical leakage occurs, it may cause electric shock.



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