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Do you know the reason why an electric plug will drop the socket?

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We often encounter customers complaining that the power plug will fall out of the socket, they don't know the reason and the solution. If the plug falls out, this may cause an alarm, because they may cause a short circuit in the wiring and affect the normal use of the device. Do you know how to deal with this situation?



Problems with live plugs

Some people bend the prongs of the plug to make the device work properly. However, not only is this wrong behavior, but it may also cause serious damage to the power cord of the device. Others will put something between the plug and the socket to hold it in place, but this can also cause a short circuit. Others use an extension cord to connect the device to a remote work outlet.



The real problem is that the connector has worn out. Worn out connectors can be found in older houses, and their sockets have been reused. For example, a socket that has been plugged in will not wear out as severely as a socket that is repeatedly used to plug in a hair dryer.



Power socket solutions

A very hands-on homeowner can solve this problem by himself. He can go to the store, buy new electrical sockets and switches, delete the old single switch socket, and replace it with a new multi plug with switch. In the process of replacing these accessories, the homeowner has multiple options that were not available when the sockets were initially installed.



Types of power outlets to consider

20A socket

The product can provide 20 amps of power and can be used in high-power appliances such as stoves, washing machines and dryers.


Smart socket

Through this application, you can directly control the power supply and connected devices through the mobile phone. This is really convenient for those who have been away from home and want to control electrical appliances from a distance.


Switch socket

Switch sockets allow you to control the power of devices directly on the socket. Not every device is equipped with an on/off switch. But some places are difficult to reach, such as overhead lighting in a garage. Switch sockets usually have a plug, and the switch is in the socket.




Ground fault circuit breakers can save thousands of people from electric shock or electric shock. This is helpful for people who have children or drains near the water source. These almost incredible things will cut off the power when the power supply is abnormal. And, they only need to be installed in the first circuit to protect the entire circuit.


USB socket

These sockets are plugs for USB charging cables. Expanding the use of phones, surprisingly, more places do not have these phones. You can plug in your phone and still use the power socket for other power cords.



If you encounter any problems in using universal switch socket, welcome to contact our professional socket technicians, we are happy to solve all problems for you.

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