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How Much Do You Know about Socket Selection?

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According to statistics from the fire department, fires caused by electrical causes have become the first of various fire accidents in recent years. Nearly 80% of residential fires in urban and rural residents are related to sockets or wiring. It can be seen that the quality of switch plug socket is directly related to home safety. When buying electrical products for home decoration, you must not take it lightly, and you must choose high-quality products. Only in this way can household electrical safety be guaranteed.


The following is common sense for purchasing wall switch socket products.



1. Brand. According to statistics, there are more than 1,500 domestic enterprises producing switch socket products, such as switched floor socket, power outlet with switch and multi plug socket with switch, resulting in huge quality differences between products. Because many ordinary consumers do not have the method to distinguish between good and bad, coupled with limited knowledge of switch socket brands, which gives unscrupulous profiteers a living space, resulting in a flood of fake and inferior products. In contrast, large companies pay attention to the image of their own brands, have strict requirements on the quality of sockets, and guarantee after-sales service. Most companies promise not less than 12 years of quality assurance.


Therefore, in order to use it with peace of mind, when choosing wall socket switch and floor mounted switch socket outlet, you must choose large companies or good brands.


2. Check the product certificate. The certificate must have the place of origin, factory name or trademark, model or name, date of manufacture, inspection employee number, etc. The product manual should indicate the use, installation, and maintenance methods of the product, and the warranty certificate should be attached.


3. Check the appearance of the product. The electrical outlet faceplate should have uniform color, smooth surface, no depressions, variegated colors, no bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratches, shrinkage and other defects. The visible metal parts are free of burrs, cracks, corrosion marks, rust and screw head damage.



4. Product identification. Switch and socket products should be marked with rated current, rated voltage, power supply | voltage stabilizer nature symbol, manufacturer and product number. The socket must have polarity and 3C mark. The logos of brand products are mostly formed at one time during injection or stamping, and the logos are clear and obvious.


5. Weigh the weight. You should also weigh the amount when buying a high-quality switched socket. If it is a thin copper sheet, it will not have the same weight and quality. Only if the copper sheet and the connecting terminals in the switch socket are thick, the weight of a single switch socket will be heavy, and the copper inside is the most critical part of the switch socket.


6. Obtain and save the invoice. If there is a quality problem, the invoice is the basis for appeal.


7. The most important thing is to go to the sales store designated by the brand company to buy branded sockets.


In short, we must choose high-quality socket products when decorating the home, so that household electrical safety can be guaranteed.

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