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How to Choose A Waterproof Socket?

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Many friends have a high pursuit of household electricity safety. They believe that choosing the right household items can improve the happiness of life. Among them is the trivial matter of choosing sockets. Different types of sockets can bring different experiences to life. For example, waterproof switch sockets can solve some hidden dangers of electricity safety. Floor electrical sockets are more common in ordinary households and public offices. The mobile track socket only needs to install the socket module on the track, and there is no need for the patch panel. This article focuses on the characteristics and selection of waterproof sockets.


Every year, the number of people injured and killed by electric shocks exceeds 10,000, which not only brings serious losses to people's property, but also brings indelible pain to many families. The waterproof double socket is a socket developed to avoid safety accidents such as electric shock due to leakage. So, what kind of socket is this?


Application of Waterproof Socket


The so-called waterproof socket means that the socket has a waterproof function. Waterproof sockets can be waterproof, mainly through the use of sealing rings, sealants and other sealing methods to prevent water from entering the protective part of the socket. Or through the drain hole, the water that has not entered the protective part but entered the socket is discharged, thereby achieving the waterproof function.


In addition, in terms of socket waterproofing, in addition to ordinary weatherproof sockets and waterproof floor sockets, some teams have invented sockets that are not afraid of water. It is understood that this socket can be used even if it is placed in water.


Finally, the waterproof sockets on the market are mainly used for LED street lights, LED drive power, LED display, detection equipment, commerce, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communication equipment, etc. The most commonly used sockets at home are waterproof electrical floor sockets, waterproof track power sockets and sockets with watertight box.


This type of socket has very good sealing performance, which can prevent water from entering the protective area inside the socket, which can reduce the occurrence of leakage.

T81 ROSE GOLD floor socket

Selection Skills of Waterproof Socket


A waterproof socket can indeed bring many benefits to our lives. For example, we don't have to worry about the leakage of electricity at home. But now many businesses claim that their sockets are waterproof. How should you choose when buying?


1. Brand


When buying any household items, it is always right to choose a big brand with a good reputation and a long history. Because regular brands can provide all qualified products that have been tested by relevant national departments. Coupled with a certain reputation, the product has been recognized by many users.


2. Waterproof rating


The quality of a waterproof socket depends on its waterproof level. The waterproof level is determined according to the IP value. When choosing a waterproof socket, you should first look at the two digits XX after the IPXX on the product or package. The first X is usually 0-6, and 6 is the highest level. The last bit x is 0-8, and 8 is the highest level in the same way. In other words, the most waterproof socket is IP68.


3. Service quality


Finally, when purchasing a multi function waterproof switch socket, you should properly consider whether the service provided by the other party is of high quality. If a business cannot guarantee even the most basic service quality, it is difficult to imagine that the other party can provide perfect after-sales service. The after-sales service is not good. If you encounter any problems in the subsequent use of the socket, it is even more difficult to find someone to solve it.


In short, waterproof sockets can solve some hidden dangers of electricity safety.

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