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How to Choose Switch for Home Decoration?

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If you want to make your room more brighter with low-cost way, there is a easy way that all you need to do is changing the plain sockets and switches in the room, such as your old wall switch and 3 way lamp socket.


So what kind of factors should take account into when choosing new electrical sockets and switches?


1. Other metal finishes in the interior


Please pay attention to the color of other metal parts in your room. Whether it's door handles, lights, or kitchen utensils, you should consider whether the new sockets and switches match the style of other metal parts in the room. Typical polishing socket and switch available on the market today are nickel, brass, chromium, black and stainless steel light switch and socket.


A30 光面喷漆金色加电镀圈

2. Condition of the wall


Please pay attention to the condition of your walls before selecting the switch and socket. Flat-panel sockets and switches can be decorated to complete a room, but be careful! They are very unforgivable, so if your walls aren't too flat and you don't like to spend time and energy on yourself, this might not be the best plate for you. They should up anomalies easily so need to be put on very straight, or at least parallel with the door and skirting.


3. Recently Plastered Walls


A new way to make the wall look fresh is to re - dust the wall. This method can cover the old stains and fill the dust that has been dropped before. Although there is no better way to do it, don't forget that the recently plastered walls take months to dry. Professionals may say that you don't stick wallpaper for six months, but he may not tell you that drying can cause severe stains on polished brass sockets and brass light switches. Of course, it's not a big deal. You just need to ask the socket supplier to provide you with a gasket to prevent moisture. But you have to have an up-to-date understanding of the wall situation in your home in advance.



4. General style of the room


Imagine if you had a modern room, antique appliances would look out of place. So, before you think about decorating, think about your decorating style.


5. The Rest room of the house


When choosing patterns for your sockets and switches, you should consider the rest room of the house. In general, permanent double light switch, dimmers, or white plug sockets are a good choice if you are fixed on the style of the switch. These have been around for a long time and still show no signs of looking dated.


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