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How to Choose a Socket for Better Use?

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The importance of safe sockets is self-evident. But when it comes to purchasing socket panel and socket finger plate, many people have a headache. The sockets of major manufacturers seem to be similar in price, appearance and safety. The most important thing is that there are so many parallel products on the market that buyers are dazzled. So how to choose the socket?


Common sockets in the home mainly include single switched wall sockets, remote control electric sockets, and waterproof double sockets.


The Distance between Two Holes and Three Holes


Is your home socket a twin gang socket, three gang socket or four gang electrical outlet?


Today's sockets are generally designed as five holes. Hole sockets are often criticized for using converters. Or for special plugs, only one plug can be used. This has a lot to do with the distance between two holes and three holes. Obviously the greater the distance is, the easier it is to use them at the same time.



Security Issues


This is mainly related to the problem of a socket safety door. According to the national standard of socket, the socket must be equipped with a safety door. When white plug sockets are used, a plastic sheet blocks the socket and the air. The main purpose is to prevent children from getting electric shock. The safety door can only be opened when the two sockets are replaced with three sockets and are inserted at the same time. The safety door cannot be opened when single-port insertion. Therefore, an important criterion for detecting whether the safety door is effective: can a single port be opened? If the safety door of the zero live wire still cannot be opened with a single port, it means that this socket is the safest.


Two-pin sockets are easier to distinguish from the appearance. Any product with a three-pole jack on the plug-in board but only two pins on the plug that comes with the socket itself is a two-core problem socket. This type of socket lacks a ground wire. In the course of use, once an insulating part inside the appliance is damaged, the current will spread over the entire appliance surface. Since the current cannot be led into the ground through the two-core socket, it is very easy to cause electric shock accidents.



Component Material of Socket


The copper sheet of copper plug sockets should have good flexibility, elasticity, conductivity, and not easy to rust. Some polished brass sockets with optimized quality can form a dense oxide film on the surface of nickel in a humid environment to prevent the body metal from continuing to oxidize.


The Structure of the Socket Panel


During installation, the panel structure on the back has a great influence on the overall stability of the socket. Generally speaking, the hexagonal honeycomb structure is the strongest, so we must find the hexagonal panel structure when purchasing sockets. Secondly, the flame retardancy of the panel will also affect the use of the socket.


The above are some standards for socket purchase.

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