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How to Choose the Right Power Outlet for Your House?

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Do you want to install new electrical sockets in your home? During the house decoration process, the power socket can directly contact the power source. But we must pay attention to the power socket connection method, because not every place can be installed or suitable for installation. There is another note when using black electrical sockets, that is, the problem of leakage.


Choose Between GFCI and AFCI Outlets


In order to protect your house from electrical fires, after installing the power outlet with switch, you also need to purchase a ground fault circuit breaker (GFCI) or an arc fault circuit breaker (AFCI). These sockets can detect a short circuit and immediately cut off the power, thereby reducing the possibility of sparks turning into open flames.

15a switched socket


It is recommended that you install these types of sockets near the water source. In addition to choosing sockets with safety measures, such as waterproof double socket and waterproof switch plug outlet, you must also pay attention to the correct socket for electrical products.


Take Note Of Outlets For Electrical Products


Electrical products such as washing machines, cell phones and hair dryers all use different levels of electricity. Therefore, it is very important to choose the type of outlets that suits their needs. Otherwise, your device may be seriously damaged. This requires us to take time to check the necessary voltage level of each electrical product.


In our daily life, these household appliances such as washing machines, electric water heaters, microwave cabinets, tub washing machines, etc. all need to use 16A sockets. Refrigerators, pulsator washing machines, televisions, and computers generally use 250V/6A sockets. In terms of socket size, the socket sizes of 6A and 10A are the same, while the sizes of 16A sockets are different. As far as kitchen appliances are concerned, for some high-power appliances, you can choose single switched wall socket and twin switched socket outlet.


In addition, some household appliances can use special sockets, such as outdoor remote control light socket, PC controlled power outlet and remote controlled wall sockets.


Check Your Current Wiring and Circuits


Before installing a new socket, you need to make sure that the circuit in your home can carry the new current intensity and that the current intensity (amperes) of the socket is not greater than the intensity of the circuit. Some large electrical appliances should have their own dedicated circuits.

C32 1g and 2 pin socket 

Look For Space Constraints


Place the socket in a free place in the home, you should pay attention to the wiring and how to place it in the other wires in the wall. Be careful not to place the socket in a hidden danger. In addition to how the wiring of the socket fits in the wall, attention should also be paid to the design of the outer panel.


Explore Colors and Finishes


Power sockets come in various shapes, colors and sizes. Whether it is a classic white socket or a colored socket, it should be coordinated with the overall home decoration layout and color.


Finally, please make sure that the socket you are looking for is within your budget.

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