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How to Choose the Switch Type of Home Decoration?

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Some complex circuits can not avoid the use of some complex switches. But there exists some questions when buying. For example, how to control a lamp? Is it to be controlled separately? Or two-way control? Or three or more? There is a little bit of attention in this.


Generally speaking, according to the control type, the switch is divided into single control switch and socket, double control switch and socket and midway switch and socket (also known as intermediate switch, or multi control switch).



So, how is the switch determined?


Step 1: Count how many lights your house is needed.


Step 2: Make sure that the lights in your house only need single control, those lights need double control, and those lights need three controls.

If these two steps are clear, the type and quantity of house light switches in your house have been determined.


But here are four things to remind you:


1. Half way switch, many big brands only have one switch, few have two switches. So when determining the control of the light, it's better not to fantasize about what to do with 2 way light switch and three way light switch.


2. For some brands of house light switches, or some series of switches of certain brands, there is no dual control in the 4-switch switch, but there is only one control. This should be noted. If you like a certain brand very much, you should pay attention to the switch when you leave it. If it does not have the four-switch dual control, you should know that it is not available when you get it, and it is ugly to match another brand.



3. All dual controls can be used as single control. That is to say, if three buttons on a three open double control are used, you need one key for single control, and the other two keys for double control. When you buy it, there is no need to emphasize that I need to open three buttons, one of which is single control, and the other two are dual control. This will be a bit of a layman. Just buy, open and double control.


4. At home, the control mode should be reasonable, such as large light switch and night light switch. The only way to control is to use single control. Now many electricians want to save time. When they open a list, they all double control with a stroke of a pen. In fact, it is unreasonable, because some places, such as the kitchen, bathroom and restaurant, do not need dual control at all. And when wiring, it is impossible to follow the dual control wiring.


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