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How to Deal with Water in the Socket?

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The socket is something that we always use in our lives. Without it, our life would be dark. Nowadays, our electrical appliances are like scrap iron without it. But if there is water in the socket, there are several effective measures for the water in the socket and the content of attention after the socket is in water.


There are so many electrical appliances in the home that use various sockets, such as remote control light lamp socket, remote control electric socket, rail type socket and multi function switch socket, etc.


What Should We Do If There Is Water in the Socket?


Although the waterproof switch socket is commonly used at home, sometimes it cannot completely avoid the occurrence of water in the socket.


US duplex 3 pole socket 2

1. In the restaurant or bathroom at home, we are very likely to accidentally spill water into the socket, because these places are places with high water flow. Therefore, the first step we need to do is to turn off the power outlet with switch, then disassemble the outlet, blow the hot air with electricity and dry the outlet and reinstall it to use.


2. If the power switch socket is seriously flooded, it can still be used after the correct method is cleaned up. We need to open the electrical outlet faceplate for cleaning. There must be no moisture remaining, and then reinstallation is carried out. Fully insert the plug when in use. On the one hand, it is for the stable operation of electrical appliances, on the other hand, it is also to prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents.


3. The last thing we should pay attention to is the use of power strips. It is best to use this kind of power socket in a dry place in the bedroom or living room. If it is unavoidable to take certain isolation measures for the plug strips, otherwise, once the plug strips come into contact with water, it will either be short-circuited or broken. We should also pay attention to check the dirt inside the spur plug socket, do not touch it when your hands are wet.



Precautions for Use after the Socket Is Flooded


1. If the socket is flooded, you use your method to handle it carefully, and then you must reinstall it and continue using it directly. This method is not advisable. You should ask a professional to perform the inspection. If it is found that the temperature of the socket is too high or sparking occurs, the contact between the plug and the socket is poor, and the plug is inserted too loose or too tight, you must stop using it and repair or replace it to ensure safety.


2. Since we have made a mistake after the socket has been flooded, we need to take some protective measures to avoid the socket flooding situation. There are often water and oily smoke in the kitchen and bathroom. It is best to install an eco splash box or plastic baffle on the socket panel to prevent short circuits caused by oil and water vapor intrusion.

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