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How to Decorate the Kitchen Switch Panel?

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How to decorate kitchen switch panel? How high should the kitchen switch panel be? I believe those questions that many people have not noticed! Although this small switch panel is not impressive, it also affects the convenience of our life. So, how should kitchen switch panel be arranged? Here are some decorating tips of kitchen switch panel.


1. All countertop switch plug sockets in the kitchen are 110-120cm from the ground, generally four.


2. kitchen ventilator: the switch with socket is generally 230-250 cm from the ground, or in the coaming of the kitchen ventilator is 230 cm from the ground.



3. Gas water heater socket is generally 120 centimeters from the ground, socket should consider leaving the smoking path.


4. The refrigerator socket should be placed on both sides of the refrigerator, 130 cm high and 450mm low.


5. Microwave oven: general socket from the ground 120 cm or so.


6. Disinfection cabinet: general socket from the ground about 45 cm (put in the back of disinfection cabinet, general plug does not pull out).


7. Small kitchen treasure: general socket from the ground about 45 cm (put in the sink cabinet adjacent, avoid up and down leakage splashes into the socket).


8. Oven: general plug socket without switch is apart from the ground 45 centimeters or so (socket is put in the back of oven, general plug does not pull out).


9. The socket for the gas stove (with coal head) should be placed in the cabinet, about 45cm from the floor.


10. cabinet light: ready to install the light behind the cabinet, from the ground 170 cm or so, throw out the wire, you can connect the light below the condole cabinet.120 cm of the switch panel should be level with the socket, pay attention to the insulation of the joint part.


11. A small light can be installed above the cutting table (I think it is necessary). The switch should be level with the socket


12. For the lamp installed under the ceiling cabinet, please reserve a thread head at the place 170 cm from the ground (place the switch at 120 cm from the ground, equal to the socket)



13. The distance between electrical lines, gas and hot water pipelines should be more than 20 cm and other pipelines should be more than 10 cm.


14. No electric wires are allowed on the kitchen or bathroom floor, which should be more than 30cm away from the ground. The ceiling line should be more than 15cm away from the ceiling and fixed by pipe code. Kitchen, balcony should use waterproof switch socket.


15. All wires in the wire box shall have a margin of 20 cm in length. When wiring, phase line inlet switch, zero line linear inlet headlamp, and phase line of screw cap lamp shall not be connected to the shell.


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