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How to Determine the Installation Position of the Switch Panel?

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In the process of home decoration, it is necessary to determine the position of wall switch panel and socket. If the position of switch panel and socket is not reasonable, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the future life. Therefore, the owners who need decoration must pay more attention to determine the position in the early stage, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future life. So, how to choose the switch panel? How to determine the installation position of the switch panel?


How to choose the switch panel


As an important part of our household electrical, the quality of universal switch socket is very important, otherwise it will not only shorten the service life of electrical appliances, but also endanger the safety of daily household electricity. Therefore, when considering what brand of universal switch socket is good, we must give priority to quality.


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There are many panel materials for power switch socket. Generally, the switch socket with better panel material has excellent performance in flame retardant, insulation, impact resistance and oxidation resistance. For example, Siemens Haorui series switch socket uses PC material with excellent electrical performance, which not only has high strength and wear resistance, but also has impact resistance and high flame retardant. The key is that it has specially added anti UV component, which is not easy to change color and turn yellow after a long time of use.


After all, it is the product that should be arranged in every corner of the home environment, so when thinking about what brand of switch with socket is good, the appearance design is also very important.


One should consider the appearance of the product design and home decoration style is consistent, so as not to affect or pull down the overall home style. Try to think, if in a clean and tidy, very modern style of home environment, install a look particularly industrial socket and switch, is not the overall decoration style is not harmonious?


Second, we should consider the function design of switch socket. Contemporary light switches and sockets not only can plug in the power control switch, but also has a variety of "auxiliary" functions.


C32 2g switch and 2g 2 pin 拷贝

How to determine the installation position of switch panel


The height of the modern touch light switches: under normal circumstances, the normal height is OK. But you should consider how you like to turn on the light if you have something in both hands. For example, when I hold something in both hands, I like to use my forehead to turn on the light, so the switch height I designed should be suitable for the position that I can drive with my forehead.


Most people leave the socket position is very low, but also to consider some should be left high socket. For example, the power outlet with switch for the electric iron should be about the same height as your ironing board.


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