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How to Layout the Switch Socket?

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Switch plug outlets are electrical switches and sockets installed on the wall. They are household appliances used to connect and disconnect circuits. Sometimes they can be decorated for aesthetics.


The switch has the difference between dual control and single control, namely single switch socket and double switch socket. Each unit of dual control has one more terminal than single control. A light can be controlled in the room, and it can also be controlled outside the room called dual control. The dual control switch can be used as a single control, but the single control switch cannot be used as a dual control.


Switch sockets can be divided into household garden switch sockets, living room switch sockets, restaurant switch sockets, kitchen switch sockets, bedroom switch sockets, balcony switch sockets and bathroom switch sockets according to the place they are placed. How is the switch socket layout in these places?



Home Garden Switch Socket


The main switch must be a group of dual control of the main light, which is turned on from the door and turned off in the living room.


Optional: Single control several groups. For example, the atmosphere light belt in the middle or bottom of the shoe cabinet, when the cabinet is relatively large, there are spotlights/induction lamps in the cabinet, and there may be more modeling light sources on the top surface.


A power switch socket is reserved next to the shoe cabinet to dry shoes. Note that if there are no reserved sockets around the shoe cabinet, consider leaving a space under the shoe cabinet (height 80 mm). Many owners like to charge their mobile phones as soon as they enter the door, and a double switched wall socket can be added to the hollow position in the middle of the shoe cabinet (height is about 1300 mm). In addition, if you have a doorbell, you also need to reserve a suitable place.


Living Room Switch Socket


On the side of the TV wall, it is recommended to have 7 panels (four sockets, one blank panel, one network cable, one TV cable), and the power cable behind the TV should come out of the embedded pipe (at the blank panel). If the TV background is customized, it is necessary to communicate with the owner whether it is hidden in the TV cabinet or arranged above, because this place does not inform the owner that rework is common.


Moreover, if the high degree of control is not good, it is easy to cause rework. It is recommended to use metal clad single socket for TV background, which saves space. Because the frequency of TV use is relatively high, it is inconvenient to plug in.


If the guest dining room is coherent with a screen cabinet in the middle, a switch with socket should be added near the screen cabinet.


Restaurant Switch Socket


Insert a floor switch socket in the middle of the restaurant or correspond to a wall socket in the middle of the dining table, which is convenient for eating hot pot. A socket is reserved on the wall for blowing a fan. For example, the water dispenser and refrigerator are in the dining room, and sockets are reserved in corresponding positions.


Kitchen Switch Socket


The kitchen sockets are better equipped with more, generally at least 9-10. Because kitchen sockets are often used, it is recommended to configure all sockets with switches. Kitchen appliances are mostly high-power appliances, which require 2 to 3 circuits to avoid tripping.


C35 20A OUTLET 拷贝

Bedroom Switch Socket


There are 1-2 sockets on the bedside table, which can be used to charge mobile phones and desk lamps. The non-master bedroom can be left and right depending on the owner's situation.


Balcony Switch Socket


Because there is a water source at the washing machine, it is recommended to use a waterproof switch socket, the height is generally 1300 mm. If it is in the form of a washing cabinet, the socket design is more appropriate in the cabinet, and the height is controlled at 500-600mm.


Toilet Switch Socket


The bathroom is damp, so it is recommended that all switches and sockets have a moisture-proof style. A socket is reserved next to the bathroom cabinet for the hair dryer/towel drying rack.

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