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How to Minimize the Risk of a Fire in a Power Outlet in Your Home or Office?

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What’s your first reaction when you hear or read about an electrical fire. Like that of many others, you are likely to double check everything in your home. You may not breathe a long sigh of relief until you check your appliances, gas connections, cords and sockets to make sure nothing is amiss. But you do this maybe once in 6 months or even a year. Well it’s important to make regular checks to ensure that you keep the risk of electrical socket fires at a minimum. However, most people are often at a loss for what warning signs to look for while checking electrical sockets, so we compiled a safety checklist for you:



Faulty Outlets

Fires are often caused due to faulty electrical switches and outlets or extension cords. So, it’s significant to check these on a regular basis and call an electrician if you see something that sparks a warning bell. It’s also essential that you turn off the main power supply in case of such an event.


C32 1g and 2 pin socket


Extension Cords

What will you do if you don’t have enough sockets to power your devices, especially for smart appliances that we rely on now? You might set up an extension cord. But it is not advisable to use this over an extended period. Extension cords charge multiple devices, which are rarely built to handle such intense power loads over long periods. So, it’s best to use extension cords as a temporary measure and charge devices by inserting it directly into the sockets.





If you’ve lived in a house for more than 20 years then you should consider changing your wiring. Outdated wiring does not have the capacity to handle the electrical capacity of modern-day appliances. This increases an electric load on circuits causing the system to breakdown.


These modular sockets are designed keeping all common electrical risk factors in mind. So, in case of any malfunctioning in your appliance you can be rest assured that your sockets will be able to handle the load. Nowadays, a large number of new electrical appliances are produced, such as touch dimmer light switch and pir sensor light switch. These kinds of electrical appliances, to some degree, keep the risk of electrical socket fire at a minimum. It is an exciting progress.


A lot of these high-risk scenarios can be completely got rid of by installing reliable electrical sockets. With Walton’s range of sockets, you can be sure that your sockets won’t fail. Founded in 2009 and located in Wenzhou, Walton electrical is a group electrical company which have one headquarter and seven branch factories, products including wall switch, floor socket, extension socket, smart home switch, track socket, splash box, metal parts, PVC tape, power distribution box and so on.

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