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How to Place A Power Outlet at Home?

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Is your house currently being renovated? Have you figured out where to place the power socket in your home? It is generally placed in the area where electrical products are used.


Before, we learned about the layout of smart switch socket and power track socket at home. In this article, we mainly understand how to install electrical sockets and switches at home.


Black electrical sockets are devices used to connect to the AC power provided by the mains, so that household appliances and small portable devices can be used. The power socket is a female connector with a slot or a cavity, which is used to insert a power plug with a rod or copper plate protrusion to conduct electricity through the plug to the appliance.





Which electrical products in your bedroom need to be connected to sockets? The electrical products used in the bedroom are mainly chargers, lights, air conditioners and fans. These will determine how many power outlets you need to invest in. Install 2 gang power socket on the bedside table, which can be used for mobile phone charging and desk lamp. The height of the power switch socket must consider the style of the owner's home. Different styles and different furniture styles should be used to ensure that the socket height is set above the bedside table. In addition to installing power sockets, some families also install rear draw track sockets in their bedrooms.


Living Room


There will be a sofa and TV cabinet in the living room. Generally, guests stay in the living room to chat when they come to the house. Therefore, the living room should have more sockets for guests to use. You can install more double switched wall sockets on the wall, or you can install floor power sockets or floor mounted power outlets on the floor. Put a coffee table above the floor to keep things tidy.


Your living room will definitely have many electrical products, such as TVs, speakers, DVD players, etc. If you want to hang the TV on the wall, please place a single switch socket directly behind the TV to hide its power cord.



In addition to the living room, another area in the home that requires a lot of electrical outlets is the kitchen. The kitchen must be equipped with high-quality waterproof power sockets, such as rice cooker socket, cooker switch socket and oven switch socket.


Electrical products that use more power require higher amperage plugs.





You want to make sure that the kitchen socket is placed away from any water source area, this is to prevent any accidents. The same goes for the power socket in the bathroom.


In my opinion, you must strategically plan the sockets in the bathroom. The socket in the bathroom must be waterproof. The ground fault circuit breaker should be installed.




The garage socket is placed along the wall of the area. In addition to storing cars, your family members may also use the garage as a workbench. You can also choose to install an automatic garage door opener and place a socket in the center of the ceiling.


In summary, we can see that basically every area of the home needs to be installed with sockets.

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