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How to Replace the Bulb?

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It is inevitable that some small faults will occur when the bulb is in use, especially the lamp beads inside, which are easily broken, causing the light bulbs for dimmer switches to flicker or fail to light, which requires us to change the bulb. This paper mainly introduces how to replace the bulb.


What are the precautions for replacing the bulb?


When replacing the bulb, consider whether there is a difference between the voltage of the bulb and the switch power supply. If you connect bulbs with different voltages to the power supply, the bulb will not work normally, and even the bulb will burn out. Therefore, you must see clearly during the process of replacing the bulb. Whether there is a difference between the bulb voltage and the switching power supply voltage, the bulb can be used normally only if the voltage of the two is the same.



How to replace the bulb?


Replace the LED ceiling light. When replacing the LED led light with switch, you need to remove the rectifier from the led light switch and install a new one, because the rectifier and the wick of the LED ceiling lamp are one-piece. After installing the new rectifier, you only need to fix the wick just on the chassis. In addition, when replacing energy-saving lamps and incandescent bulbs, your hands cannot be released from the metal part at the bottom of the bulb to avoid danger. When replacing the bulb, hold the part closest to the lamp socket finger plate with your hand to prevent accidents during disassembly.


Replace ceiling spotlights. There is a spring clip behind the ceiling spotlight. When removing it, hold the two sides of the lampshade with your hand and gently pull it down, so that the spring will slowly extend. Keep pressing the spring with your hand, and then loosen the spring after removal. Be careful of injuries. The driver in the white waterproof distribution box is the driver. Just connect the driver and the light with the black clip, pull out the black clip, and then you can install it.


Replace the LED tube light with bulb holder and fluorescent tube. Hold one section of the touch dim lamp tube with your hand, and then push the other end with your hand, so that this end can be removed, and then follow the same method to remove the other end. When installing, you need to pay attention to the positive and negative signs when installing the led light switch dimmer, and remember not to install it backwards.


Replace the U-shaped lamp. U-shaped lamps have a wide range of uses, but they are generally used in bedrooms and bathrooms, and the plugging method is the simplest. U-shaped tubes are divided into integrated tubes and separate detachable tubes.


Replace the energy-saving ceiling lamp tube. The shapes of energy-saving ceiling lamps can be described as different styles, and there are any shapes, but the installation methods are different. After disassembling the lampshade, hold the hoop part with your hand and pull it down. When installing, just push it up.

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