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How to Select the Modular Switches and Sockets?

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When you plan to furnish your new home, there are a million little things that need your attention. With various kinds of switches, such as illuminated toggle light switch, black toggle light switch and two gang light switch, which one is best? Which kind of socket is the high-quality product? While getting everything right at that time may seem like a chore, the end result always leaves us pleased and happy. To take one of those worries off your hands, we will provide you with 5 tips for selecting modular electrical products. We will be discussing the 5 essential features that you should look for when buying modular switches and sockets for your home. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.



High-Quality Materials

Most of us will consider high-quality materials for the first time. The first thing you should be looking at is the type of material that is used in making the switches and sockets. Furthermore, modern electrical brands like Walton specialize in making fire retardant switches and sockets. These electricals can significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires in home and office settings. So, that’s another thing you should look for when buying electrical switches and sockets.


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Customizations and Design Options

Except for the quality of electrical materials, what we should consider is the customizations and design features. Please try to think about the cooker switch socket and oven switch socket which are designer sockets. It is undoubted to keep the design flow of your interiors unique and impressive with these modern sockets. Once again, smart home brands today offer tons of customization options and choice of electrical products. For example, in Walton, there are totally over 800 different series products. And 35% products are customized for customers. So, pick and choose the modular electrical fittings that complement your home’s color scheme and wallpaper designs.



Connectivity Features

The next thing to look out for is the connectivity offered by the wall sockets. Nowadays, most of us have friends and family members living in other countries. Usually, when they come over for a visit, they have to carry or purchase adapters and extensions to plug-in their smartphones and computers. Modern modular switches offer support for multiple pin-types and can be a huge relief from hassle for them. It is more convenient if you own a switch that can support for plugging in different types of smartphones and electrical appliances.



Child Safety

It is important to select a socket which can keep the risk of electrical socket fire at a minimum, especially for those households with children. Even when you are use sockets outdoor, the option of outdoor switches and sockets is also important. Modular switches offer better safety than conventional socket designs for children which can automatically disconnect current flow when accidental leakage is detected. So, this one is a no brainer. Buy modular switches and sockets which are rated for arc shielding and child safety.




Easy Repairs and Replacement

Both for traditional switches and the high-tech switches, they are both difficult to repair if they have a complicated design. In its current form, replacing faulty switches is full of hassles. Typically, the entire face plate needs to be unscrewed, then the faulty switch is removed and replaced, and then the face plate is put back in place. Often, removing the face plate can peel off the wallpaper or paint around it, giving an unclean look to your carefully planned decor. If you still have no idea how to repair it, smart switch socket and galvanized sockets and switches are good choices for its convenience and high-quality.



So, that concludes our list of tips and features you should look for, when selecting switches and sockets.


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