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How to Use the Socket Correctly in Life?

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Socket is one of the necessary electrical accessories in people's lives. With the continuous increase of household appliances, the use of sockets is also increasing. The main sockets that can be used at home are single switched wall socket, universal switch socket and remote power outlet. Once the socket in the home is abnormal or aging, there will be great safety risks. How do we use sockets safely?


Judge Whether the Socket Is Aging


1. Appearance. Frequent use or frequent dragging can easily cause damage to the socket hardware. If it breaks, dust enters the circuit and causes a short circuit, which is prone to fire.


2. Power cord. The power cord of copper plug sockets is prone to exposed copper after being used for a long time, which can easily cause a short circuit.


3. Electrical socket. There are two copper plates inside the electrical socket. In the process of frequent plugging and unplugging, the elasticity of the copper sheet will become weak, which may easily cause the virtual connection or poor contact of the patch panel. This is the phenomenon of not plugging tightly, which can easily cause arcs or sparks.



Ways to Use the Socket Correctly in Life


1. Purchase a new national standard socket. Be sure to buy the new national standard socket, do not buy the universal socket that is prohibited by the country. The three-phase jack of the new national standard socket is separated from the two-phase jack and has 5 holes. The three-phase jack and the two-phase jack of the universal socket are combined, and there are three holes. If you go abroad to buy euro plug socket, it is best to choose both electric adapter and plug connector.



2. Avoid "small horse-drawn carts." The sockets have a rated current and cannot be overloaded; otherwise the sockets will heat up, damage the appliances and even cause a fire. Special attention should be paid that you should not plug high-power household appliances such as air conditioners and microwave ovens into sockets with small rated current values. Some household appliances have special sockets, such as electrical outlet for washing machine, cooker switch socket and three way light socket. Washing machines, electric water heaters, microwave oven cabinets, tub-type washing machines and other appliances need to use 16A sockets. Electrical appliances that can be used with 16A sockets cannot be used with 10A sockets.


C82 PC gold British standard electrical switches wall switch and socket 2-5 pin MF switch socket with neon

3. Do not pull the power cord. Do not pull the power cord when unplugging the power cord plug. It is easy to disconnect the power cord and the plug connection part, resulting in short circuit, leakage, and fire and electric shock accidents.


4. Replace it in time when it is abnormal or aging. When multiple electrical outlets have excessive temperature, sparks, poor contact between the plug and the socket, and the electrical multi plugs are too loose or too tight, it should be stopped in time and replaced.


5. Never change the size and shape of the plug. This will cause poor contact between the plug and the socket, damage the household appliances and the plug and socket, and even cause a fire.


In short, once the socket in the home is abnormal or aging, there will be great safety risks. For our own personal and property safety, the correct use of sockets is essential common sense.



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