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How to choose floor sockets?

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Sockets are ubiquitous in our lives, and they are very useful. In addition to wall sockets and power strips, floor sockets are also necessary for a family to install properly. So how to choose a suitable floor socket?



How to choose floor sockets

1. Choose brand carefully. There are too many brands of floor plug outlets, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and the quality of the products cannot be exquisite. Before purchasing ground plugs, you should know which brands have passed the approval of the national quality inspection department. When selecting, try to avoid those brands that cannot be guaranteed by the relevant state departments.


2. Pay attention to the appearance of the product. A good product packaging can not only attract more users, but also reflect the brand's intentions for the product. The appearance of high-quality floor sockets is very shiny, but also gives off a touch of natural metallic luster, this requires everyone to pay special attention.



3. Weighing is a necessary step. A good socket, whether it is wall plug or ground plug, has good internal materials. Put it on the audience, the heavier the weight. By weighing the weight, you can also see whether the quality of the copper piece is qualified.


4. Select the appropriate type. Floor outlet with usb, waterproof electrical floor sockets, concealed floor socket, etc. are all very common. We need to choose the appropriate floor electrical sockets according to our actual needs.



Why floor sockets are so convenient

From the perspective of installation, the installation of the ground socket is relatively simple. You only need to install the bottom box. The installation of other wire boxes and box covers is a piece of cake. However, when installing, it is more convenient to choose concealed installation, which is conducive to inserting in future use. The installation depth can be determined directly according to the height of the socket, and the floor mounted plug sockets should be installed under the floor with only the socket and box cover exposed.


US 3 pole socket1

In terms of use, the floor power socket of some electrical appliances at home are not suitable to be directly plugged into wall sockets or power strips. The ground plug installation location depends on the special electrical appliances, which is very convenient to use.


In terms of space, installing the floor mounted socket on the floor is inconspicuous and occupies a small space. The wires are all embedded in the wall or under the floor, which is also conducive to improving the overall appearance of the room.



Do you know the safety precautions for using floor sockets? What is the difference between recessed floor power outlet, floor mounted plug sockets and floor mounted power outlet? Follow our next article to tell you the answer.

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