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How to choose the switch in the home distribution box?

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There are two commonly used switches for household distribution boxes, air switch and leakage protector. Whether it is air switch or leakage protector, the important point is that we can choose the most suitable one.  



How to choose a home distribution box

The choice of power distribution box should be realistic. Check the area of the distribution box, there should not be too empty or too crowded. We recommend that the electric box in the general household circuit.


C30 1G

When selecting the electrical distribution box, the distribution box can be divided into built-in type and external hanging type. The embedded type is generally used for home decoration. The box body is embedded in the wall, which looks beautiful and is convenient for threading. And it is generally used for temporary suspension or post-reconstruction.



How to choose a home distribution box switch

In terms of switch selection for household power distribution boxes, a leakage protection switch must be selected for the main switch. Now that there are many household appliances, 63A leakage protection is generally chosen by people. The opening of the next level should be selected according to the power. For example, if you just want to control the light switch, you can choose a 6A or 10A small MCB, and if you use more electricity, you can choose a 25A or 32A MCB. The selected circuit breaker should not be too large as far as possible, so as not to protect it and waste.


The ac distribution box generally contains multiple switches, a master switch and multiple circuit switches. The distribution box is used to rationally distribute the electrical load of electrical appliances, control different electrical appliances separately, and divide them into different circuits to avoid electrical failure. There are at least five circuits for household power distribution. Of course, some households can add circuits if they have a large electrical load. The more circuits are used, it is safe and convenient to maintain. Different circuits have different functions.




Selection of circuit breakers in distribution boxes

1. Main power switch. For safety reasons, choose DZ47LE-63-C60 leakage switch with leakage protection;


2. Separately control the kitchen, living room, room, bathroom, TV, lighting, socket 1, socket 2 into eight channels, which is convenient for future maintenance and inspection. These eight single-pole circuit breakers can be selected from DZ47-60-16~20A; there is no special requirement, and it is enough for general households.


3. The socket must choose a leakage protection circuit breaker, and people will touch the socket to prevent it from being disconnected quickly to ensure human safety. Those with sockets must be connected to the protective ground wire to ensure safe electricity use.


Have you used a portable distribution box or outdoor distribution box? What are their functions? Welcome to tell us your experience.

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