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How to clean the switch panel?

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Now many people in the decoration of the house, will go to buy the home light switch panel they like. Many brands of switches are favored by different consumers. Some electric switch and socket are not only beautiful and novel design, but also have strong practicability. So, do you know how to clean the switch panel? What should be paid attention to when installing the switch panel?


Surface cleaning


Turn off the switch before cleaning, and gently wipe it with a slightly wet towel. If the stain is tough, then use something to clean.


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Corner cleaning


The gap next to the key lamp light switch is a corner of dust, which is difficult to clean. You can gently sweep the dust out with a small brush.


Interior cleaning

Turn off the switch before cleaning, and then open the front cover. It is better to use a small brush to gently sweep the dust inside. Do not use water to clean or wipe with wet things. This is not safe. It may be difficult to wipe dry with water. There may be potential safety hazards after power on.


What should be paid attention to when installing switch panel


1. For the sake of safety, first turn off the main switch at home, and then carry out the following operation.


2. Check whether the electric light switch panel and accessories are regular products. One is for the sake of safety, to buy switch panels that meet the specifications; the other is to ensure the quality of regular switch panels.


3. Whether the house light switch is replaced or newly installed, the bottom of the box should be cleaned, and the dust inside should be cleaned to avoid affecting the use of the switch and circuit.


4. Repair a certain length of live wire, zero line and bottom line with wire stripper, and then peel the wire core. Then coil the wire clockwise on the terminal corresponding to the switch and socket, and then screw the pressure head to ensure that the wire core is not exposed. When wiring, connect the different wires into the corresponding socket switch hole, and then use the screw driver to tighten the screw.



5. After connecting the wires, the next step is to fix the switch panel. Place the switch at the installation position, level the position with a level ruler, tighten and fix the screws with a screwdriver, and finally cover the decorative panel.


6. After installation, the switch panel can not be used directly. To check whether it can work normally, you can use socket detector to check. Finally, the detector is inserted into the electric switch and socket, and the lights of N, PE and L on the electroscope are on to judge whether the socket is connected correctly.


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